Brad Pitt and Regina King"s Sweet Encounter at the Oscars Has Twitter Hoping for a Rom-Com

The pair set the internet on fire with their adorable chemistry and friendship. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].....»»

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Sesame Street gives us the happiest Mannequin Challenge!

The Mannequin Challenge has found its way to where the air is sweet… — Sesame Street (@sesamestreet) November 15, 2016 As you know the Mannequin Challenge sweeps my clouds away, so imagine the joy I felt when I saw t.....»»

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Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Get Affectionate In Holiday GIF

Looks like Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are going strong! She posted a sweet GIF on twitter, and he’s even met her kids. RELATED: Blake Shelton is grateful for Gwen Stefani. Here’s Gwen’s holiday tweet: Merry Christmas 🌲ὤ.....»»

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First look at Jason Momoa‘s ‘badass’ Aquaman

There is only one true King. #unitetheseven — ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) February 20, 2015 He’s a sea king for the 21st century. “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” director Zack........»»

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Watch David Letterman’s 10-Minute Tribute to Robin Williams: ‘What a Guy’

The Late Show returned on Monday after a break and right off the bat, David Letterman honored his dear friend of 38 years: Robin Williams. Letterman shared a sweet story about the pair’s first encounter at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, when Williams .....»»

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Olivia Jade Giannulli Reveals Her Biggest Fear About ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Before hitting the stage for tonight’s premiere of “Dancing with the Stars,” Olivia Jade Giannulli was at the iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas. “Extra’s” Jana Kramer spoke with Olivia Jade, who says she’s “so excited” to be part of “DWTS.” Olivia didn’t reveal her dance partner, but she did share her worst fear about being on the show. She admitted, “Honestly, falling on my face during the live performances. I’m like, ‘Please just don’t fall, Olivia.’” Executive producer and “DWTS” host Tyra Banks recently showed her support for Olivia Jade doing the show after the college cheating scandal. Giannulli commented, “Honestly, it was really sweet anytime anybody shows support. Obviously, I’m just really grateful… I think she is amazing and I’m a huge fan. It is surreal.” As for how she copes with the negativity, she responded, “I’m human, so it still affects me one way or another. I also just think you have to move on. You have to move forward.” Jana also shared some advice for the influencer’s podcast “Conversations with Olivia Jade,” stressing that the 21-year-old should “go there.”.....»»

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15 of the Most Bizarre Celebrity Murder Attempts

Celebrity stalking is particularly strange because the perpetrators are fixated on a person they’ve never met, and often become convinced that the star communicates with them. The post 15 of the Most Bizarre Celebrity Murder Attempts appeared first on The word ’stalker’ is very loosely used in the world today. Usually, it involves something mild like checking up on an ex or crush’s activities using the Internet — Facebook stalking. Rarely do we see cases in which a person takes a considerable chunk of their time and dedicate it toward forcing themselves into another person’s life. This kind of serious stalking can be scary, life-threatening, and is typically indicative of a serious mental illness that has spiraled out of control and manifested itself as a relentless obsession with another person. Celebrity stalking is particularly strange because the perpetrators are fixated on a person they’ve never met, and often become convinced that the star communicates with them using secret messages on their television or radio performances. Many of these stalkers are violent and have the same goal: taking a person’s life. There can be a few reasons for this; some want to become ‘united’ with the famous person in a demented way. Others wish to make sure they are the most important person in that celebrity’s life. Most bizarrely, many murderous stalkers are hell-bent on a crazed delusion such as hatred for a person they believe is cooperating with the devil, or using mind powers to force them into committing evil deeds. Here are 15 of the nuttiest celebrity murder attempts by lunatic stalkers. Bjork Bjork had an incredibly frightening stalker who kept a video diary of his descent into lunacy. In his homemade chronicles, Ricardo Lopez goes from a slightly overweight obsessive fan to a murderous fat guy with red lightning bolts painted all over his scary bald head. “I want to be the most important person who change [sic] her life more than anyone else,” he says in a raspy voice, “Her angel of death.” After almost a year’s worth of videos, the crazed man eventually shot himself in the mouth with a gun, on camera, while sitting in front of a handwritten cardboard sign that said “the best of me.” But not before sending Bjork a package with a self-made bomb booby-trapped inside of a large book with the center cut out. “What are my last words?” He asks himself in front of the camera, “Fuck the world, and fuck Bjork and her n—– loving self.” Lopez listens to one of the singer’s albums as he sits naked on a chair and says, “This is the last song” before taking his final breaths in the extremely NSFW video. Although his package was set to spray acid in her face upon opening, the video was found before the package ever got to its final destination and authorities saved the pop princess from mutilation — and possibly death. John Lennon John Lennon, the former Beatles member, has the most notorious stalker story in all of pop music history. A man named Mark David Chapman was a former armed guard who made multiple plans to commit suicide over the course of his lifetime. After a failed suicide attempt by carbon monoxide asphyxiation in his garage, Chapman eventually became employed as a counselor at the mental health facility that he had been committed to. A few years later, Chapman began hearing voices and developing obsessions for things like The Catcher in the Rye and John Lennon. He even signed some of his letters as “The Catcher in the Rye.” In 1980, Chapman traveled from Hawaii to New York with plans to murder John Lennon. Instead, he returned to his home and wife in Hawaii and told his wife about the plans, which he had apparently ’snapped out of.’ This was clearly untrue, as Chapman again visited New York — and this time, he had a loaded gun. Chapman waited for Lennon outside of his apartment building on the morning of December 8th, 1980, with a copy of Catcher in the Rye in which he had written “This is my statement. –Holden Caulfield.” Chapman waited all day, even having friendly interactions with both the housekeeper and Lennon himself. Around 11 PM, Lennon returned with wife Yoko Ono from a recording session and casually approached the entrance to their building. Chapman fired five shots at the couple, four of which hit Lennon. He died almost instantly. Chapman, however, stood around reading his book until the police took him without a fight. He remains in prison today. 50 Cent A drug kingpin from Jamaica, Queens, plotted to kill multi-platinum rapper 50 Cent after hearing the artist’s songs detailing some of his very illegal drug exploits. Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff found 50 Cent’s songs to be a little too revealing for his criminal tastes and apparently began conspiring to have the rapper murdered. It’s only natural that anyone with a multi-million dollar drug scandal under their belt would feel overexposed after having a detailed history of their gang publicly broadcast on radios and mp3 players all over the world. Although Curtis Jackson, the artist’s real name, was shot nine times in 2000, he refused to cooperate with police or assist in their investigation of the incident. Police believe the shooting to be related to Jackson’s problems with McGriff, whose drug dealing history is detailed in a song called Ghetto Koran — something which earned Jackson a ban from most US rap studios. There is speculation that the murder of DJ Jam Master Jay was due to his defiance of the blacklist and choice to continue working with 50 Cent, but the case has never been solved. Tila Tequila Surprisingly, someone actually became obsessed with the trashy little midget hooker known as Tila Tequila. Not surprisingly, they hated her guts so much so that they began making death threats which would eventually progress into a break-in at her home. The lunatic burgled Tequila’s home in 2009, smashing windows and locking the star’s dog in the trunk of her car in a bizarre move. Erin Andrews ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews has been the victim of numerous stalkers, one or more of which have threatened to take her life. The Dancing With The Stars competitor is widely known on sports blogs and websites, regarded as a super-sexy sports interviewer. On some sites, her actions are harshly scrutinized in strange and creepy detail. Some websites even review the manner in which she interviews players, from her ’suggestive’ physical touches to her ’skimpy’ outfits. In 2008, Andrews was stalked by a man who followed her for weeks, eventually recording nude videos of the gorgeous reporter with his cell phone while spying through a peephole into her hotel room. He uploaded the videos to the Internet and was later sentenced to 30 months in prison — a verdict Andrews was angered by, saying it wasn’t nearly long enough. More recently, Andrews received threatening emails from a crazed fan claiming someone “should shoot her in the face” and that once he took action, “no one would see him coming.” But Andrews didn’t let this crazy obsession stop her from appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Mick Jagger Rock star Mick Jagger was almost murdered after the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang decided to put a hit on his life following a 1969 concert in which they served as his security. Everything was running smoothly until the volatile gang turned on an 18-year-old boy, kicking and stabbing him to death. Appalled, Jagger stated that he would never again work with the Hell’s Angels and had hired them to prevent, not promote, violence in the first place. The gang was not surprisingly very offended by the star’s disdain and decided that Jagger must die. A group of the Hell’s Angels took a boat out in an attempt to storm Jagger from his backyard or garden, and murder him without having to go through all of his pesky security guards first. Unfortunately, the Angels were the ones stormed when heavy rain and unpredictable waves threw them all from the vessel. Although everyone survived, the chip against Mick Jagger sunk with the ship, and no further attempts on his life were made. Madonna A homeless man repeatedly sent letters and notes to pop icon Madonna’s home in 1995. In his letters, he professed his love for Madonna and ask that she marry him. She didn’t reply — and presumably not because he had no permanent address. Crazed and insistent on finding the sexy vocalist, Robert Dewey Hoskins scaled the wall around her mansion but was stopped by a bodyguard. Hoskins stated that he would either marry Madonna or “slash her throat from ear to ear.” Needless to say, his second attempt at breaking in was met with gunfire. Shot and wounded, Hoskins was then sentenced to ten years in prison. Jodie Foster A mentally ill John Hinckley Jr. became obsessed with movie star Jodie Foster after watching Taxi driver, a 1976 crime drama in which Foster plays an underage prostitute trapped in a world of drugs and violence. In the film, she’s rescued by a vigilante just as violent as her abusive pimp. Hinckley admired the film, decided that Foster was his one true love, and began following her around. He went so far as to enroll in Yale, the college Foster was attending at the time, so he could watch her every move and slip hundreds of poems and love letters under her door. His advances went unnoticed, so Hinckley knew he had to do something drastic to get Foster’s attention. He thought the ultimate way of “impressing” his unrequited love was to loosely imitate a scene from Taxi Driver by shooting at an important political figure — the president. The certified nutjob’s last love letter stated he would soon murder then-president Ronald Reagan, which is exactly what he attempted to do. Six gunshots later, Reagan was wounded but still alive and Hinckley was on his way to the mental institution. Barack Obama A 19-year-old white supremacist from Tennessee planned to go on a racist killing spree with an accomplice in 2008, acknowledging that his rampage would lead up to the murder of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. Paul Schlesselman plotted to slaughter dozens of African Americans before reaching current president Obama. Schlesselman chose numbers relevant to the white supremacist cult, 88 and 14, to use as guidelines for his murders. 74 African Americans were to be murdered plain old murder style, and the remaining 14 of 88 were set to be beheaded. However, the two stooges were apprehended after dumbly scrawling racial slurs and swastikas on the side of Schesselman’s vehicle in chalk — like two silly children. Schlesselman was sentenced to ten years in prison. Shawn Johnson Shawn Johnson, an Olympic gold medal winner and celebrity from reality television program Dancing With the Stars, was also the subject of a violent stalker’s misguided ‘admiration’. The 17-year-old Johnson was saved from 34-year-old Robert O’Ryan after he tried to jump over a security fence at the show’s studios. He was stopped and searched, which is when police found a loaded gun, rolls of duct tape, and numerous love letters to Johnson inside O’Ryan’s vehicle. O’Ryan told police he had moved all of his belongings from Florida to California in order to be with Johnson — a statement that helped Johnson obtain a restraining order against the creepy older man. Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest’s murderous stalker was particularly scary because of his military background. 25-year-old Chidi Uzomah Jr. was a member of the US Special Forces, a division of military for elite, highly trained soldiers. In 2009, Uzomah was arrested for attacking one of Seacrest’s bodyguards. He was soon after found wandering the halls of the E! offices in search of Seacrest. Upon being apprehended, a knife was found on his person. Uzomah faced four years in prison for stalking and breaching the conditions of his restraining order and pleaded not guilty. Hilary Duff An 18-year-old man named Maksim Myaskovskiy moved from his hometown in Russia to the United States for one purpose — to stalk his ‘true’ love, Hilary Duff. The Russian immigrant moved in with a member of the paparazzi while pursuing the pop princess, divulging to his roommate some violent and disturbing plans. Myaskovskiy threatened to harm himself, Duff, and then-boyfriend Joel Madden to get her attention. His plan didn’t work, and he was arrested on charges of stalking and making violent threats after a private investigator was told directly by the Russian immigrant of his plans to murder Duff at a weekend event in 2006. Myakovskiy had talked about purchasing firearms to force his way in between the famous couple and claimed that Madden was ‘the enemy’ and standing in the way of a romance he knew was meant to be. His paparazzo roommate tried to warn police of his friend’s violent psychosis, but his intentions were apparently warped when his messages were first ignored and later viewed as being in cahoots with the stalker himself. Michael Jackson Michael Jackson had a stalker in the early ’90s who was obsessed with an eclectic number of ideas. A man named Paul Jones, falsely claiming to be the son of mob boss John Gotti sent hundreds of threatening letters to the king of pop in an attempt to — well, we’re not exactly sure what he was attempting to do. Some letters demand money from Jackson, while others profess love. The stalker threatened to commit mass murders at his concerts if Jackson refused to comply. Others say that if he is was arrested or stopped by authorities, he was “gonna attempt to kill President George Bush.” Finally, the crazed fan threatened the life of Jackson himself. None of his plans came to fruition. This weirdo wasn’t Jackson’s only stalker. An aging tranny named ‘Melanie’ was accused of harassing Jackson with numerous letters and telephone calls, while another woman named Helen Harris-Scott was brought to court on stalking charges as well. Scott claimed that Jackson was guilty of sending her ‘put-downs’ and insults degrading her and calling her ‘not good enough’ for his love. Dr. Drew A deranged Charles Pearson was arrested on felony charges of stalking in early 2010 after sending television psychiatrist Dr. Drew menacing emails. One of Pearson’s messages threatened to murder the doctor’s children and force his wife to consume them. He was also convinced that the television personality had placed a tracking device hidden inside the man’s genitals, a strange and disgusting delusion. Dr. Drew handled all of this surprisingly well, and offered only the statement that he wants the violent stranger to “get the treatment he clearly needs.” Pearson was held on a whopping $150,000 bail. Jewel Apparently, God wants Jewel dead. A Wisconsin man named Michael Lawrance Kozelka trespassed on the enormous ranch Jewel shared with her husband on two separate occasions in 2009. The first time, Kozelka was asked to leave and warned that he would be arrested if found on the property again. He paid no mind to this request — after all, he was on a “mission from God” which is what he told police after he returned the very next day and was promptly arrested. He was found with a dog and a pocket knife the second time, but “did not seem angry” or resist arrest. The post 15 of the Most Bizarre Celebrity Murder Attempts appeared first on»»

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The 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time

We’re following up on our list of the 25 Greatest Game Shows of All Time with our picks for the 25 Worst Game Shows. While many of these may have a special place in our hearts, make no mistake – they were pretty bad. And the rest… well, they just suck. 25. Classic Concentration Host: […] The post The 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time appeared first on We’re following up on our list of the 25 Greatest Game Shows of All Time with our picks for the 25 Worst Game Shows. While many of these may have a special place in our hearts, make no mistake – they were pretty bad. And the rest… well, they just suck. 25. Classic Concentration Host: Alex TrebekYears on TV: 1987 – 1991 It’s the classic children’s matching game – but game show style! While Concentration began on TV in 1958, it’s the cheesier follow-up, Classic Concentration, hosted by Alex Trebek, which makes our list. Contestants had to uncover matching prizes beneath numbered pieces. As they found matching pairs, a rebus picture puzzle underneath was slowly uncovered. There was something classy about that staircase of prize cars though, huh? 24. Card Sharks Hosts: Jim Perry, Bob Eubanks, Bill Rafferty, Pat BullardYears on TV: 1978 – 2002 We know what you’re thinking – Card Sharks is a classic. Well, yes. But it’s also pretty lame, however fondly you may remember those giant sized cards and contestants screaming “higher!” or “lower!” or “freeze!” The beautiful card dealers featured throughout the series’ run didn’t improve the concept any, but made the rather drab set a little more interesting to look at. 23. The Weakest Link Host: Anne RobinsonYears on TV: 2001 – 2002 The Weakest Link was a quiz show like no other, with sour-faced host Anne Robinson at the ready to throw insults, diminish the dummies and call out “You are the weakest link… good-bye!” The novelty of a curmudgeonly host wore thin quite quickly with American audiences, and The Weakest Link only lasted one season. We like our game show hosts perky! 22. 1 vs. 100 Host: Bob SagetYears on TV: 2006 – 2008 Host Bob Saget facilitated this show of one contestant versus 100 of “the mob.” Anyone else find it odd that they named the 100 collectively as “the mob?” At any rate, this show looked to see if 1 person could take on 100 and stand the victor by game’s end – or at least go home with some winnings if they couldn’t beat the entire 100. Special guest mob members (c’mon, Barry Williams?) couldn’t revive this game show that was all flashy lights and not much more. 21. Legends of the Hidden Temple Host: Kirk FoggYears on TV: 1993 – 1995 Before you start sending the hate mail for our inclusion of Legends of the Hidden Temple on the worst game shows list, hear us out. Legends of the Hidden Temple was no doubt pretty cool when you watched it as a kid – but if you check it out now, it’s pretty lame. Host Kirk Fogg was super dorky – especially when he swung in on a vine, complete with microphone holster on his belt. And don’t even get us started on giant talking head Olmec or the fact that most of the kids sucked at the Temple Run. Watch out for the Temple Guards! 20. Sale of the Century Host: Jack Kelly; Joe Garagiola; Jim PerryYears on TV: 1969 – 1973; 1983 – 1989 This little quizzy show added an element of shopping, as contestants were offered discount deals via “Instant Bargains” throughout the course of the show. Plus they could haggle with the host to make the deal even sweeter. Big winners could return the next day and have the chance to win a big-ticket item, like a car. Totally boring… but oh, but that loveable cheeseball host Jim Perry. 19. Distraction (comedy central) Host: Jimmy CarrYears on TV: 2005 – 2006 Distraction kept contestants on their toes by offering up plenty of well… distractions while they attempted answering trivia questions. Finding out who could withstand the most clothespins on their face during game play grew old pretty fast. This one proves yet again that people are willing to do just about anything to win money. 18. The Singing Bee Host: Joey FatoneYears on TV: 2007 Like an updated Name That Tune, only karaoke style. Host Joey Fatone didn’t bring much to the table for Singing Bee and the lame backup singers, cheesy band and house dancers “The Honeybees” only muddied the waters of an already weak concept. Totally lame. 17. Shop ‘til You Drop Hosts: Pat Finn, JD RobertoYears on TV: 1991 – 2005 Step inside the fake mall set on Shop ‘til You Drop! This game show, whose bonus round involved a shopping spree of running an existing prize to a storefront in exchange for a (hopefully) higher ticket item, sent contestants racing against the clock like idiots. Later years of the game show replaced the mall for a set that resembled a warehouse store (a la Costco) – ah, how we missed Von Schiffendecker’s Furniture mall storefront. 16. Supermarket Sweep Host: David RuprechtYears on TV: 1990 – 1995 (Lifetime); 2000 – 2003 (PAX) From dorky host David Ruprecht to even dorkier matching sweatshirts with peeking polo shirt collars, Supermarket Sweep is a definite guilty pleasure that we’ve spent countless hours wasting our time watching. That’s not to say we don’t have a warm place in our hearts for that mad dash “Big Sweep” around the store as contestants scoop turkeys and diapers (and various other big-ticket items) into their carts to rack up the dollars on their cash registers. 15. Win, Lose or Draw Hosts: Bert Convy (1987 – 1989), Robb Weller (1989), Vicki Lawrence (NBC)Years on TV: 1987 – 1990 Wow, celebrities playing Pictionary in what looked like one of their living rooms? C’mon, who didn’t want to see how well Burt Reynolds could draw the clues? (Hint: not us.) And the constant burbling of teams shouting “It’s a cat, it’s a dog, it’s a fish, it’s a…” caused many a viewer to glaze over rather than share in the excitement of Win, Lose or Draw. 14. Dog Eat Dog Host: Brooke BurnsYears on TV: 2002 – 2003 Host Brooke Burns challenged contestants to outpace their competitors in a variety of truly stupid physical challenges, which were never nearly as cool as the stunts on Fear Factor. The contestants voted a person to complete the challenge – if they failed, they were sent to the “dog pound.” If they succeeded, they chose someone to go to the pound. This continued until there was one “Top Dog” facing off against the “Dog Pound.” All in all, this show stunk like a steaming pile of dog shit. 13. Identity Host: Penn JilletteYears on TV: 2006 – 2007 Identity, hosted by Penn Jillette, was a game based on stereotypes, basically. Contestants had to match each of 12 strangers to their identities, including hobbies and occupations, among other attributes. In many cases there was some misdirection, such as a preschool teacher or a missionary dressed in a bikini, to throw off the contestant. Even some famous strangers were featured on the show, like Eve Plumb, who played Jan on The Brady Bunch and Olympian Bruce (pre-Caitlyn) Jenner. You can guess it fizzled pretty fast. 12. Rock & Roll Jeopardy! Host: Jeff ProbstYears on TV: 1998 – 2001 Jeopardy is a part of game show history. Rock & Roll Jeopardy? Not so much. Hosted by Jeff Probst of Survivor, not even those sweet little dimples could bail him out of VH1’s attempt at musical trivia with the Jeopardy name. The format from original Jeopardy! was hardly updated for this rock and roll spin-off and viewers lost interest. 11. Amnesia Host: Dennis MillerYears on TV: 2008 How good is your memory about things in your own life? Amnesia awarded money for knowing things that should be too easy – like the name of a certain road in your neighborhood or picking mom’s pie from a lineup of pies. We’re just wondering how far Dennis Miller has fallen to have to host this dreck? Helps pay the bills, right? 10. Scrabble Host: Chuck WooleryYears on TV: 1984 – 1993 What’s more boring than playing the Scrabble board game? Watching it played on TV, with host Chuck Woolery presiding over the crossword puzzle thrillfest. We give out extra lame points for the letter tiles that each contestant chose and pushed into a slot in front of them. The sound effects as each tile found its way onto the Scrabble board (or didn’t – oops, watch out for that “stopper!”) just added to the cheese factor. 9. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad Host: Dan CorteseYears on TV: 2008 We can only guess that Mark Burnett ran out of good ideas when he came up with My Dad is Better than Your Dad, a game show based on childhood bragging. Teams of kid and dad battled for the title of best dad with challenges of speed, strength, smarts, and bravery. Because, you know, swinging your kid on a harness to throw a ball at a huge Velcro target really proves your worth as a parent. No wonder it was canceled after just one season. 8. Set For Life Host: Jimmy KimmelYear on TV: 2007 Even host Jimmy Kimmel never looked like he was sold on this game show, where contestants would search for the magical white lightsticks that would move them up the ladder and give them money for life. Watch out for the dreaded red lights that put an end to all your hopes and dreams. Uh-oh! You can tell Kimmel was just collecting a paycheck with this one. 7. Hole in the Wall Hosts: Brooke Burns, Mark ThompsonYears on TV: 2008 – 2009 It was a huge success in Japan, but not so much in the U.S. Hole in the Wall’s genius concept put competing teams through various cut-out shapes on a moving wall by contorting their bodies to fit the shape. This hit Japanese game show did not translate to U.S. audiences. The idea was a little light on substance if you ask us, but we’re guessing plenty of people who saw the YouTube videos tuned in. 6. Bowling for Dollars Hosts: Varied by locationYears on TV: 1970s – 1980s This 1970s staple was seen on a more local level among game shows, appearing on TV in markets like Cincinnati, Buffalo, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, among other places. Its concept was as ingenious as the name – contestants would put their bowling skills to the test and earn money and prizes for their efforts. When flashier game shows began to fill up the airwaves, Bowling for Dollars all but vanished, except for a 2008 revival in Buffalo. 5. Temptation Host: Rossi MorrealeYears on TV: 2007 Billed as “The New Sale of the Century,” the most hilarious thing about Temptation was the old school theme song – you’d think you were watching a 70s game show with that little ditty, but nope – you’re in the 2000s of cheesy game show excitement! There’s nothing worse than a show that has a crap budget. And there was no way of hiding it with the shitty prizes that were featured on Temptation. 4. The Moment of Truth Host: Mark WalbergYears on TV: 2008 – 2009 How low will people sink for a shot at prize money? On The Moment of Truth, contestants were subjected to a lie detector test prior to their appearance, running through a variety of questions about their personal lives. Once on-air, the participants were asked a variety of the initial questions and – dramatic pauses, lights, and music in place – are put to the truth test. Are they telling the truth? And will their admissions break up friendships, families, and relationships? 3. The Chair Host: John McEnroeYears on TV: 2002 The Chair, hosted by John McEnroe, looked to see how well people could keep their cool under pressure, by putting contestants in uncomfortable situations while monitoring their heart rate. If they were able to keep their heart rate below a certain level, they would progress to another level of earnings. Could they keep their cool when faced with a “heartstopper” like being face-to-face with an alligator? In the end, nobody cared and the show was canned. 2. Yahtzee Host: Peter MarshallYears on TV: 1988 Truly? A game show based on the dice shaking game? Yeah, it happened. And it was pure crap. There’s no way to sugar coat this boring dice game and come out with anything better than mediocre. Even the “dice girl” featured on each episode didn’t help. 1. Hurl! Hosts: Tom Crehan and Dale Roy RobinsonYear on TV: 2008 This game show goes beyond the gross factor as contestants not only had to eat all matter of disgusting food, but they were then subjected to vomit-inducing challenges in an effort to see who would toss their cookies first (clam chowder followed by a Tilt-a-Whirl?!). Those with an iron constitution walked away with prize money – and likely, a tummy ache. The post The 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time appeared first on»»

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Adele"s birthday photo sparks debate online

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National Spelling Bee canceled for first time since World War II

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Brad Pitt delivers the weather on Krasinski"s "Some Good News"

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John Krasinski will be your 2020 high school prom DJ

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Tom Hardy is going to read bedtime stories on children"s TV -- and it"s not just the kids who are excited

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Celebrities livestream story time for kids stuck at home

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How one of Harvey Weinstein"s first accusers is fighting back and empowering others

Model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, one of the first women to accuse former producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, is working with a group to try to protect other models from similar situations and violations they may encounter in their work......»»

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Carlton from "Love Is Blind" still hoping for love

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David Beckham saved a sweet Victoria Beckham keepsake

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Netflix shown love from the Golden Globes, hoping the Oscars come next

The path to movie glory at the Golden Globes runs through your TV, with Netflix landing four out of 10 major film nominations......»»

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Netflix gets a bear hug from the Golden Globes, hoping the Oscars come next

The path to movie glory at the Golden Globes runs through your TV, with Netflix landing four out of 10 major film nominations......»»

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Willie Nelson and Kacey Musgraves share a sweet duet

Willie Nelson took the CMA Awards stage for the first time since 2012, joining fellow country star Kacey Musgraves for a rendition of "Rainbow Connection," the song made famous by Kermit the Frog......»»

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Alec Baldwin is suing the man he got into a parking spot dispute with

Alec Baldwin is suing the man he got into a dispute with over a parking spot, claiming that the man lied to police about the encounter and made defamatory statements about the actor......»»

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