College athletes can cash in on their own images

Autograph signings, memorabilia sales and corporate endorsement deals OK'd by NCAA board. Just no school logos, please......»»

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Photographer takes senior photos for high school students during pandemic

For America's nearly four million high school seniors, the end of this school year is not what they imagined would be. But as Chip Reid reports, one photographer is making sure some members of the class of 2020 are not forgotten. .....»»

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"American Idol" shot at 40 different locations using iPhones

The show must go on despite the pandemic and Sunday's "American Idol" returned with a new format......»»

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John Krasinski will be your 2020 high school prom DJ

John Krasinski for prom king......»»

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"Contagion" vs. coronavirus: The film"s connections to a real life pandemic

As we live through a developing pandemic, some of us can't help but compare it to the 2011 American thriller which some claim predicted Covid-19: "Contagion.".....»»

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You know your K-pop stars. Now meet the American producers and songwriters behind them

Yes, South Korea is tiny. The entire country, plus its northern neighbor, could fit inside Lake Michigan. But within that small country, something revolutionary was born that has taken the world by storm -- Korean pop, aka K-pop......»»

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Shows kids can watch while they"re out of school that you won"t feel bad about

It's hard to limit screen time in the age of the coronavirus......»»

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"American Horror Story" Actor Harry Hains" Cause of Death Revealed

His mother posted about the loss on social media. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].....»»

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Confused "American Idol" contestant thinks Justin Timberlake and Pat Sajak are judges on the show

While judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie called adorable contestant Lou Dawg a "dreamboat," they were baffled as to how he couldn't recognize anyone on the panel, and didn't know Perry's last name......»»

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High school student apologizes to Prince Harry for "cuddling" Meghan

A British high school student has apologized to Prince Harry for hugging his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, when she visited his school......»»

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Review: "First Cow," a primal drama of the American dream

An enticing new film depicts characters testing their ethical boundaries in order to succeed in the rough-hewn Oregon Territory of 1820......»»

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Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin announce joint 2020 tour

Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias will embark on a North American tour together in 2020......»»

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Meghan Markle: American Princess

Who is Meghan Markle? Gayle King anchors a CBS News special on the future wife of Prince Harry - the woman who went from a grade school advocate to half of a global power couple for a new era - told by those who know her best......»»

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Hero steps in at father-daughter dance in Arkansas

It was one of the biggest nights of the year in Northwest Arkansas at a school dance for fathers and daughters. But one girl had no date, until a hero stepped in. Jamie Yuccas reports......»»

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Officer comes to the rescue to take girl to school dance

One 8-year-old girl in northwest Arkansas had no date to her school's father-daughter dance, until a hero stepped in......»»

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Ben Affleck has found "The Way Back"

Ben Affleck knows full well that people will draw parallels between his life and his role as an alcoholic construction worker turned high school basketball coach in his new film, "The Way Back.".....»»

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Group on a mission to preserve African American "spirituals"

The Spirituals Project​, a choir group in Denver, is working to revive a rich musical treasure created by enslaved African Americans to express virtue in the face of suffering......»»

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Macaulay Culkin cast in Season 10 of "American Horror Story"

Fan favorites Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are also among the cast members announced Wednesday......»»

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Katy Perry thanks first responders after her "collapse" on "American Idol"

Katy Perry sent a message of gratitude to first responders after a gas leak caused an evacuation of this season's "American Idol" auditions......»»

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"Fresh Off the Boat" fell short of its promise, but the ABC sitcom still left a mark

For a standard sitcom in most respects, "Fresh Off the Boat" weathered a fair amount of off-screen drama. Despite the occasional tumult, the ABC series about an Asian-American family -- which concludes its six-year run Friday -- still left a mark......»»

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