Your Afternoon Man: Matt Bomer

   It came to my attention this morning that we have not featured Matt Bomer’s hotness for far, far too long. Please allow me to make amends. Read More ........»»

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The amfAR Inspiration Gala Brought Out All The Hotties Like Matt Bomer, Josh Duhamel & Zachary Quinto

Since you guys told me that no Matt Bomer is too much Matt Bomer, I’m happy to report that on this lovely Wednesday, we get eve more of him. Matt was one of the many presenters last night at the 2014 amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York City. He wore.....»»

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Happy Birthday, Matt Bomer! Let’s Celebrate With All The Times We’ve Tried To Handle Your Hotness

Hey you guys! It’s Matt Bomer‘s 38th birthday! Yay! We had quite a lot of Matt happening on the site this week, which is really how it should be 100% of the time (give me all the Bomer, Lambert, Gandy and Bloom). So today, on the day of his bi.....»»

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Matt Bomer Plays Football While Wearing a Sarong for ‘Magic Mike XXL’

We brought you photos of Joe Manganiello playing football yesterday, but somehow didn’t include any photos of White Collar hunk Matt Bomer. So here are some very tasty pics of the very easy on the eyes Matt Bomer playing some football while wearing .....»»

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Matt Bomer And His Infinite Beauty Were Honored At The Giffoni Film Festival

You know what’s great? Having some Matt Bomer to stare at on Mondays. You know what’s even better? When said Matt Bomer is receiving an award. The White Collar star took his beauty to Italy this weekend for the Giffoni Film Festival. But he w.....»»

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Matt Bomer Gets A Visit From His Adoring Fans After His Emmy Nomination

See this? This is how you start off a Monday, with someone perfect like Matt Bomer. Apparently these photos are from last week, but since I didn’t see them and, again, I troll the internet for photos of Matt Bomer, I’m gonna pretend you guys d.....»»

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Matt Bomer Attends The 2014 Tony Awards, Remains One Of The Hottest People In Existence

I was in the middle of doing a “Hot Men of the Tony Awards” round-up, when I decided something very important: Matt Bomer clearly needed his own post. So friends, here it is, just for you: Matt Bomer looking extra super-duper sexy last night a.....»»

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Matt Bomer Dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’ on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Is All The Hotness You Need

For all the recent celebs jamming to Drake‘s hit song “Hotline Bling,” Matt Bomer takes the hot cake. On last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, Bomer’s character Donovan turned up the volume and felt the groove, swayin.....»»

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Matt Bomer Wants to Get Freaky on American Horror Story: ""Bring It On!""

Oh, how we can't wait to see what Ryan Murphy has in store for Matt Bomer on American Horror Story: Freak Show. "The freakier, the better," Bomer said. "Bring it........»»

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Matt Bomer to Guest Star in ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

Matt Bomer will be joining the “Freak Show.” The “White Collar” star has been added to the cast of “American Horror Story” for one episode, Ryan Murphy revealed this weekend. Murphy has worked with Bomer previously on h.....»»

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Your Afternoon Man: Matt Bomer

   It came to my attention this morning that we have not featured Matt Bomer’s hotness for far, far too long. Please allow me to make amends. Read More ........»»

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According To Matt Bomer He’ll Be Working Very Closely With Lady Gaga On ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

Oh, did you forget in all of this Magic Mike XXL hullabaloo that Matt Bomer will soon be hitting your TV screens with American Horror Story: Hotel? Yes, I can see how staring at Matt’s abs would be distracting, but let’s focus on Hotel for a .....»»

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Wayback Wednesday: Matt Bomer Looking Fine on ‘White Collar’

Oh, how I miss my weekly fix of Matt Bomer and White Collar. Remember the flashback episode of White Collar, that featured Matt Bomer‘s character with his love Kate, who ended up dying in a plane explosion? The couple was seen frolicking between the she.....»»

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Matt Bomer, Ruby Rose, Channing Tatum & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For June 29, 2015

So many photos, so little time. Matt Bomer and his husband Simon Halls were seen catching a flight out of LAX. Matt seemed a bit more smiley than Simon. Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose was spotted arriving at LAX. I haven’t gotten to her epis.....»»

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Matt Bomer And Husband Simon Halls Enjoy Snorkeling In Maui As Matt Discusses ‘Veiled Homophobia’ On Twitter

Guys, do you realize that this is the third day in a row we’ve had photos of Matt Bomer looking hot in Hawaii? I said it earlier today and I’ll say it again, we have all done something right this week. One difference though is that this time M.....»»

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Matt Bomer Is About To Get ‘Warped’ As He Joins ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

Damn it, now I have to start watching American Horror Story. But here’s the thing, I will do anything for Matt Bomer. If you’re already a fan of the show, then get excited because Matt will be guest starring on the latest installment, American Horror .....»»

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Matt Bomer Makes Buying Produce Look Sexy On The Set Of ‘White Collar’

Remember yesterday when I gave you photos of Matt Bomer being super sexy in his grey suit on the set of White Collar? Well here are more photos from the set yesterday! Only this time, Matt is “buying” some produce on set with his co-star, Laur.....»»

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Matt Bomer Wins Critics’ Choice TV Awards For ‘The Normal Heart’ As The World Erupts In Cheers

OK, so technically I cannot verify if the world erupted in cheers, but I’m pretty sure that between me and Matt Bomer‘s husband Simon Halls, we made enough noise for the world. And it was all for Matt! The extremely sexy and supremely talented.....»»

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Just Because: Matt Bomer Smiles For A Fan Selfie As He Starts Shooting ‘White Collar’ Season Six

Remember those “Matt Bomer filming season six of White Collar“ photos I promised I’d get to you as soon as they showed up? Well look at me, keeping my promise! Because here they are. Sir Matt The Always Dashingly Handsome (his new knight.....»»

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Just Because: Matt Bomer And His Handsomeness Pop By The Team USA Media Summit

What’s cooler than being an athlete who’s going to compete in the Olympics? How about being an athlete who’s going to compete in the Olympics and gets to spend an afternoon hanging out with Matt Bomer? Yeah, I’d say that’s a .....»»

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Matt Bomer & Jim Parsons Talk "Normal Heart" at Variety Studio

Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons chat with each other while attending the Variety Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy on Thursday afternoon (May 29) at Palihouse in West Hollywood, Calif. The guys joined a panel of other television actors including American Horror.....»»

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