Why we still love Godzilla

The 60-year-old monster forces mankind to confront its sometimes-dubious actions......»»

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"Godzilla" made military a star

CNN's Jake Tapper reports on why the U.S. military lends its tactical advice to the making of "Godzilla" and other films......»»

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Godzilla: Still relevant and raging after 60 years in Japan

While a digitalised Hollywood reboot stomps its way to box office success around the world, the original Godzilla -- a man in a rubber suit -- has hit screens in Japan again, as relevant as ever. The 1954 classic, which spawned more than two dozen follow-.....»»

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Can a child from the old Love Connection find love on the new one?

Back in the ’90s, Kenedi Smith’s parents met on Love Connection, fell in love, got married and had a daughter. Now 25 years later, she is appearing on the Fox version with Andy Cohen hoping to find love like her parents. Will it work? Tonight at 9p, she will go on three dates with the […] Back in the ’90s, Kenedi Smith’s parents met on Love Connection, fell in love, got married and had a daughter. Now 25 years later, she is appearing on the Fox version with Andy Cohen hoping to find love like her parents. Will it work? Tonight at 9p, she will go on three dates with the hopes of telling her parents in the audience that she fell in love with someone on the show just like they did. Two out of the three dates go well, but the third might be the worst one of the series so far. You will be saying that he is a douche and he is proud of it. What did he do? You will just have to tune in to find out. That and to see the surprise twist. I thought this show would be awful, but it has truly made a love connection with me......»»

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Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa designs his own version of Godzilla

Japanese artist Yoji Shinkawa, who is responsible for much of the character and mechanical design for the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders games, recently unveiled his take on iconic monster Godzilla. Shinkawa’s interpretation, which is being dev.....»»

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Japan Box Office: Toho"s "Godzilla Resurgence" Opens With $6.1 Million

The first Japanese 'Godzilla' in 12 years bows atop the box office, but fails to land monster-sized numbers. read more.....»»

Category: boxofficeSource: hollywoodreporterAug 2nd, 2016

Warner Bros. Moves Dates for "Godzilla 2," "Godzilla vs. Kong"

The studio also revealed release dates for two further, as-yet untitled movies. read more.....»»

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You might get to see King Kong and Godzilla fight on screen

Rumor has it that a King Kong and Godzilla crossover film might be in the works. Video provided by Newsy        .....»»

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Godzilla gets residency in Tokyo

Fictional city-wrecking monster Godzilla has been granted special residency in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, as a newly-installed model of the lizard's huge head proves a pull to visitors. Marking "the emergence of the 12-metre (40-feet) high Godz.....»»

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New Godzilla film to be made in Japan

A new Godzilla film is announced by Japanese film studio Toho following the box office success of Hollywood's latest remake of the monster movies......»»

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Godzilla returns: Sequel announced at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Godzilla is coming back......»»

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"X-Men" overpowers "Godzilla" on way to holiday weekend win

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The "X-Men" mutant superheroes smashed into U.S. and Canadian theaters and collected $90.7 million in ticket sales through Sunday, keeping monster hit "Godzilla" at bay and heading toward a decisive win over a long holiday.....»»

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Godzilla director for Star Wars film

Godzilla director Gareth Edwards is to make to a spin-off Star Wars film with the screenplay written by Gary Whitta, Disney confirms......»»

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"Godzilla" tramples rivals with monster $93 million debut

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK (Reuters) - "Godzilla," a remake of the classic Japanese monster movie, crushed its box office competitors over the weekend, devouring $93.2 million at U.S. and Canadian theaters for the year's second-biggest debut and spawning plans .....»»

Category: topSource: reutersJul 15th, 2017

"Star Wars" spin-off to be directed by "Godzilla" filmmaker

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - With J.J. Abrams kicking off the first of three new "Star Wars" films, Disney announced on Thursday that "Godzilla" filmmaker Gareth Edwards will direct a separate spin-off installment of the franchise, scheduled for December 2016......»»

Category: topSource: reutersJul 6th, 2017

"Godzilla" Director to Helm First "Star Wars" Standalone Film

Godzilla is a mega-hit at the box office, and now its director, Gareth Edwards, has been tapped to direct the first Star Wars stand-alone film! Read on for details, including who will be writing it..."Ever since I saw Star Wars I knew exactly what I .....»»

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"Godzilla" director tapped for "Star Wars" spinoff

"Godzilla" director Gareth Edwards to direct first "Star Wars" spinoff movie......»»

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"Star Wars" Spin-off Gets "Godzilla" Director & Release Date!

Godzilla director Gareth Edwards has signed on to direct the upcoming Star Wars spin-off! “Ever since I saw ‘Star Wars’ I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life — join the Rebel Alliance!,” the English director shared in a stat.....»»

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Godzilla director in Japan feels like "surrogate mother"

As excitement builds in Japan for a Hollywood reboot of Godzilla, the new film's director said Thursday he felt like a "surrogate mother" who was returning a baby to its home. Hollywood giant Warner Bros put the fate of the classic behemoth.....»»

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Hollywood "Godzilla" finally stomps home to Japan

TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo is rolling out the red carpet for Hollywood's Godzilla remake although the nation that gave birth to the fire-breathing monster is seeing the latest movie after it opened everywhere else......»»

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"Godzilla": How the Filmmakers Created the Iconic Creature and a Fully CG San Francisco (Photos)

Godzilla was inspired by bears, Komodo dragons, lizards, lions and wolves, says MPC VFX supervisor Guillaume Rocheron.read more.....»»

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