Where's the diver? Swarm of jellyfish photobomb swimmer's underwater snap

NOT many people are not too keen on coming face to face with a jellyfish while swimming......»»

Category: topSource: expressApr 21st, 2017

Horror in the deep! Diver gets up close and personal with Britain's biggest jellyfish

IT could be a scene from an undersea horror film as this diver comes face to face with Britain's biggest jellyfish......»»

Category: topSource: expressApr 12th, 2017

Underwater Cuteness -- Seal Loves Belly Rub By Diver (VIDEO)

Seals really are the dogs of the sea ... and like dogs on land, these underwater pooches love to get their bellies rubbed too. This smiley seal just kept pulling the diver's hand back in for some extra lovin' ... not wanting the rub fest to….....»»

Category: topSource: tmzSep 2nd, 2015

Smiling with the fishes! Cheeky parrotfish photobombs diver's snap

THIS is the hilarious moment an attention-grabbing parrotfish decided to PHOTOBOMB an unsuspecting diver......»»

Category: topSource: expressApr 28th, 2017

Jelly pleased to meet you! Snorkeler faces up to the 'biggest jellyfish'

A SNORKELER poses next to a barrel jellyfish almost as large as him......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 26th, 2017

WATCH: Giant JELLYFISH invasion spotted heading for Britain's beaches

THIS amazing video shows the moment a paraglider spotted an invasion of GIANT JELLYFISH heading straight for Britain's beaches......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 22nd, 2014

Photographer Captures One-In-A-Million Shot Of A Fish Trapped Inside A Jellyfish

Have you ever seen a fish swim inside a jellyfish and start driving it around as if it were test driving a new car?.....»»

Category: topSource: starpulseJun 9th, 2016

Australian Photographer Captures Image Of A Lifetime With Fish Trapped Inside A Jellyfish

An ocean photographer captured a picture of a lifetime when he spotted a fish in Byron Bay, Australia, fully intact inside a jellyfish. Tim Samuel, who describes himself as "ocean obsessed, love........»»

Category: topSource: starpulseJun 8th, 2016

Tom Hiddleton Will Pee On You In Case Of Jellyfish Sting, Dr. Luke Goes After Kesha: Celeb News In Six Clicks

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click! — Hey girl, Tom Hiddleston will pee on you if you get stung by a jellyfish [Celebitchy] — Dr. Luke claims Kesha has no business praising Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance [ICYD.....»»

Category: topSource: celebuzzMar 2nd, 2016

Return of The Big Pink: Giant jellyfish spotted for the first time in almost 70 YEARS

A GIANT, bright pink jellyfish has been spotted in the Adriatic Sea for the first time since the Second World War......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 2nd, 2017

P. Diddy pulls off best photobomb ever

NOW, this is a photobomb! Rapper P. Diddy has pulled off a cracking celebrity photobomb while hanging out with hordes of A-listers in Ibiza......»»

Category: topSource: news.auFeb 28th, 2017

Anything you can do, Grandma! Prince Harry copies Queen with Commonwealth Games photobomb

PRINCE Harry has followed his grandmother by becoming the latest royal to 'photobomb' a visitor's snap at the Commonwealth Games......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 19th, 2017

Cliff diver David Colturi takes the plunge in Hugo Boss campaign

The German label has stepped into the world of extreme sports with its "Your Suit, Your Way" campaign starring David Colturi. The American cliff diver can be seen plunging from a spectacular clifftop in one of the Hugo Boss brand's iconic s.....»»

Category: fashionSource: yahooJun 18th, 2016

Un-bee-lievable: Beach-goers get a fright as 10,000 busy bees swarm into a tent

A TERRIFIED family was forced to flee a holiday beach as 10,000 bees began to swarm – inside their tent......»»

Category: topSource: expressApr 11th, 2017

Families’ swarm welcome as bees invade cul-de-sac

TERRIFIED residents fled for safety as a massive swarm of bees descended on their quiet street “like a whirlwind”......»»

Category: topSource: expressJun 3rd, 2014

First Underwater Museum in Europe to Be Completed by Late 2016

Tourists will soon have another reason to flock to the Canary Islands -- besides the beautiful weather and beaches. The islands will be home to Europe's first underwater museum and also the first to be constructed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. ........»»

Category: artsSource: yahooDec 10th, 2014

Giant whale shark rescued from fishing line by an intrepid diver

DWARFED by the largest shark in the seas, an intrepid diver comes to the rescue of the stricken goliath......»»

Category: topSource: expressJan 17th, 2017

Horrific Fatal Shark Attack: Woman"s Diver Father Killed Off Tasmanian Shore As She Helplessly Looks On

One moment, a woman and her father were enjoying their outing, the next moment the dad was dead. The diver perished in a vicious shark attack as his daughter looked on helplessly. Police in the A........»»

Category: topSource: starpulseJul 27th, 2015

Jason Statham Made Quite the Splash As a Competitive Diver —Take a Look!

Who knew The Transporter was also quite the diver? New footage released from the BBC Wednesday shows actor Jason Statham participating in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in England as, you........»»

Category: moviesSource: eonlineMar 28th, 2017

Olympic diver Tom Daley reveals his fear aboard plane forced into emergency land in Siberi

OLYMPIC diver Tom Daley and his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black were involved in a dramatic mid-air emergency this morning when their jet was forced to land in Russia......»»

Category: topSource: expressApr 2nd, 2017

WATCH: Terrifying moment diver is almost SWALLOWED by 40-tonne whale

THIS is the moment a lucky diver miraculously escaped death after nearly being swallowed by a 40-tonne whale......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 20th, 2014