This Teacup Chihuahua Without Any Front Legs Gets Around Using a Little Cart Made of Toys

This little Chihuahua is named TurboRoo. He's six weeks old and weighs less than a pound. Two weeks ago, a breeder in Indianapolis, Ind. dropped him off at The Downtown........»»

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Analyst"s cart driver, trooper have run-in at Open

PINEHURST, N.C. (AP) — The man driving NBC Sports analyst Roger Maltbie's golf cart at the U.S. Open was taken into custody Saturday after a state trooper said the driver ignored instructions to stay put, then hit the officer with the cart......»»

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Superman Returns in 'Justice League' Hot Toys Action Figures -

Washington TimesSuperman Returns in 'Justice League' Hot Toys Action FiguresCollider.comSan Diego Comic-Con is about to get underway, which means the exhibitor's floor of the convention hall is going to be packed with vendors selling their wares. As always, Sideshow Collectibles will be there promoting their upcoming toys, and with plenty ...JUSTICE LEAGUE's BATMOBILE Making Public Debut On COMIC-CON Floor (With Its Own RC Replica)NewsaramaJUSTICE LEAGUE: Superman Returns In First Look At Hot Toys Action Figures On Comic-Con FloorComic Book Movie (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)all 63 news articles ».....»»

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This Poor, Little Dog Broke Both of Her Legs and Has (Adorably) Learned to Walk Like a Human

The emotional progress of this post goes something like this: Aww :-( “Our dog broke both legs when she jumped off a 6 ft deck,” owner Jason Sanders explains in the video’s description. Which is how this poor, little Chihuahua ended up coned, wit.....»»

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Suri Cruise has lost her chihuahua :(

Suri Cruise just got her first pet, a chihuahua called Honey, a few weeks ago, but there’s already trouble in paradise because the dog is missing. She took the pup to a friend’s house over the weekend, where he promptly left through the front .....»»

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Suri Cruise has been reunited with her lost chihuahua

Suri Cruise was beside herself last week when her newly adopted pet chihuahua, Honey (formerly known as Maple), went missing in Beverly Hills. Honey apparently walked right out the front gate of someone’s house when they took her to go swimming, but.....»»

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Teen 'sickened at himself' after admitting to swinging chihuahua in the air by its lead

A TEENAGER has admitted he is "absolutely disgusted" with himself after being caught on camera swinging a chihuahua around in the air by its lead......»»

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Paris Hilton -- I Got a New $8,000 Bitch (PHOTO + VIDEO)

Puppy love ain't cheap for Paris Hilton -- not when she's scooping up 12 ounces of chihuahua for $8k ... very delicately, of course. TMZ has learned the 4-month-old pup was delivered to Paris in NYC on Monday from a boutique teacup breeder.….....»»

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Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Legally Blonde’ Chihuahua Co-Star Dies

Actress Reese Witherspoon just broke some sad news on Instagram — her beloved co-star Moonie, who played her character Elle’s dog in “Legally Blonde,” has died. Witherspoon posted a pic of herself on set with the Chihuahua and captioned, "With a s.....»»

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Watch: Just a Video of Chihuahua Enjoying a Head Massage

Such is the life of a pampered pet. Being Friday, I think all of us probably are envying this chilling chihuahua enjoying the fruits of a massage pillow. I personally want to be that dog right now. Watch the video above and get yourself in to relaxing mod.....»»

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Suri Cruise -- Aye Dios Mio! ... ¿Dónde Está Mi Chihuahua?

Suri Cruise's new Chihuahua, Honey -- which she's only had for a couple of weeks -- has disappeared ... and TMZ has learned there's a $1,000 reward for the pup's return.Sources close to the situation tell us ... Suri and her mom, Katie….....»»

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Iggy Azalea"s Boyfriend Nick Young Pushes Her on a Luggage Cart

Iggy Azalea sits on a luggage cart and gets pushed throw Heathrow Airport by her basketball player boyfriend Nick Young on Friday afternoon (June 20) in London, England. “Me & my boo are on our way to you England,” the 24-year-old rapper .....»»

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Maybe Shaquille O’Neal is too big to be a Toys “R” Us kid?

A video posted by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on Mar 23, 2016 at 9:03pm PDT You know the Toys “R” Us theme song when it says, “I don’t wanna grow up, cause maybe if I did, I couldn’t be a Toys ‘R’ Us ki.....»»

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The Most Controversial Video Games of All Time

The video game has moved from humble origins to being one of the pop culture staples. Games like Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series can clear more than $1 billion for their creators. GTA V has raised nearly $800 million in 2 years and that’s just on the strength of legacy sales and multi-player credits. However, like any art form – there are always people looking to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable and today we bring you the 10 most controversial video games of all time. Postal (The Series) The Postal series involved going insane and murdering as many people as humanly possible. It was based on the American concept of “going postal” which was inspired by mail workers going into work and then shooting up everyone around them. It’s full of sick humor (you can use a dead cat to silence a shotgun) and promotes endless criminality. The series has been banned in several countries and if you’re caught with a copy in Malaysia – you’re going to be in very serious trouble indeed. Ethnic Cleansing Thankfully, while Postal may have caught the public’s imagination, the abysmal Ethnic Cleansing did not. Yes, it’s a game where you get to take on the role of a skinhead or a member of the KKK and then exterminate “inferior races”. We wish we were joking about this but we’re not. Players were sent out to slaughter Hispanics, Jewish people and African Americans before storming “the Yiddish Control Center” and assassinating the Prime Minister of Israel. Muslim Massacre Continuing on the theme of overt racism we find ourselves with “Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide” in which, as you might have guessed, the aim is to exterminate as many Muslims as possible. Just like Ethnic Cleansing this was a piece of complete crap which sunk beneath the waves before it could offend too many people. RapeLay (NSFW) Yes, there’s a game for would-be rapists and rape fantasists. RapeLay is a Japanese game which was released in 2006 in which players are able to play a male character who goes on to stalk and then rape a mother and her daughters. It was banned in numerous countries around the world and is generally considered to be a dreadful game as well as having dreadful content. However, there is a growing body of work which tries to defend the game on the basis that “rape isn’t as bad as murder, and murder is in loads of games” – we’re not convinced. Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5 was controversial before it was released. The problem was that the game’s trailers showed all the “bad guys” in the game were black and that was enough to fire up a storm in the media. In fact, when the game was released there were plenty of enemies of all colours and all the critics had to admit that the game wasn’t in the slightest bit racist. A storm in a teacup as it were. Super Columbine Massacre It takes a serious sicko to think that one of the [...].....»»

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NBA Star Draymond Green"s Accusers Speak Out On Alleged Assault & Battery Incident! Hear Their Dramatic Statement!

Lisa Bloom is not playing around. The famed attorney is gearing up to take down NBA star Draymond Green in court over alleged assault and battery — and if the first press conference is any indication, Bloom is bringing her A-game. The alleged victims of the Golden State Warriors forward spoke out on Tuesday, accusing the athlete [...] Lisa Bloom is not playing around. The famed attorney is gearing up to take down NBA star Draymond Green in court over alleged assault and battery -- and if the first press conference is any indication, Bloom is bringing her A-game. The alleged victims of the Golden State Warriors forward spoke out on Tuesday, accusing the athlete and his friend of assaulting them at a bar near Michigan State University in 2016. Former MSU football player Jermaine Edmondson and his girlfriend Bianca Williams nearly broke down rehashing a series of incidents in which Green allegedly attacked them. Related: Lisa Hints Usher May Have Knowingly Exposed Women To Herpes! Edmondson, 23, said Green bumped into him at a campus bar on July 9 of last year, to which Edmondson responded by telling Green the least he could do was say "excuse me." The former athlete claimed that's when Green "looked at me in the eyes and said, 'I know n****** like you. I pay for n****** like you scholarship.'" Then, before he could respond, two men in Green's entourage allegedly grabbed Edmondson and choked him against the wall. Even worse, one of those men allegedly choked 22-year-old Williams as well. She recounted: "The man pushed me back into the wall by my neck. Even after he let go, I couldn't move. I was in shock and I was terrified." The couple was shaken up, but went on with their night. The next day, the two were out to eat when they saw Green again. Edmondson recalled walking up to the basketball star to peacefully discuss the previous night's events, but was answered with a punch in the face. He explained: "He seemed calm, so we went up to him. I told him that last night didn't have to happen, and that it wasn't cool that Bianca got choked. His response was to punch me in the face without any warning or any reason." Green was arrested and later accepted a plea deal. However, Edmondson says he's the one who suffered greater consequences from Green's fanbase on campus -- noting his own friends had even turned on him following the incident. Related: Venus Williams Blames Everyone Else Amid Wrongful Death Lawsuit! Edmondson said this was such a low point in his live, he decided to temporarily leave MSU, adding: "People made fun of me online and in person. Fans of Draymond, MSU and the Warriors started threatening me, and I no longer felt safe on campus. No one stood up for me." Bloom, who has recently represented Kathy Griffin and Blac Chyna, said it took courage for her clients to come forward, telling press: "Calling out wealthy, arrogant bullies is not easy, but it's important, and that's why we are all here today. And I am very pleased to stand with Mr. Edmondson and Ms. Williams as they bravely stand up for their rights." Edmondson and Williams have accused Green of physical assault, bullying and misleading information in the lawsuit. The pair says they want the athlete to take responsibility and apooligize for his actions. Watch the emotional press conference (below). [Image via ESPN/Facebook.].....»»

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Hasbro Lets Consumers Design their Own Toys Through 3D Printing

Hasbro has paired up with Shapeways to launch SuperFanArt, a site through which fans of the company’s toys can create their own playthings with a 3D printer. The companies are using My Little Pony to launch the effort, which if successful, could pro.....»»

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Playmate Ashley Mattingly -- Drunken Golf Cart Ride Charges Are In ... DUI and Hit & Run

Ashley Mattingly might wanna cut back on the weekend cruising ... she faces 4 charges for allegedly plowing her golf cart into 4 parked cars while she was hammered.   The Orange County D.A. hit the former Playmate with 3 counts of driving under&helli.....»»

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Marshawn Lynch -- Recreates Golf Cart Hijinks (Hilarious Video!!!)

Marshawn Lynch reenacted his infamous 2006 golf cart joyride at Cal before the Golden Bears game. It was hysterical.  You'll recall when Marshawn got behind the wheel during the Cal/Washington game back in the day. It definitely holds up......»»

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Mariah Carey to Backup Dancer -- Baby, You Can Drive My Cart (PHOTO GALLERY)

There's a new dude in Mariah Carey's driver seat, and James Packer's gonna be pissed. MC hit the road with her choreographer/dancer, Bryan Tanaka, on Halloween -- he was behind the wheel of her golf cart, sporting a king's crown -- when….....»»

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Inside Shia LaBeouf"s Shopping Cart: Capri Sun, Pirate"s Booty, Lots of Bread and More—See the Pic!

Shia LaBeouf has offered fans a closer glimpse into his life—or at least, his shopping cart (basically the same thing, right?). The actor was snapped by paparazzi leaving........»»

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Pia Zadora badly hurt after Vegas golf cart fall

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Entertainer Pia Zadora was hospitalized with serious head and leg injuries after a fall from a motorized golf cart driven by her teenage son near their northwest Las Vegas home......»»

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