Oops! A non-autotuned version of Britney Spears' Alien track is leaked onto the internet

She's one of the best known singers to come out of the early 2000s, but it would seem even Britney Spears is prone to an off day......»»

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The Britney Spears Without Autotune Track Is Real

A few days ago, a pre-autotuned version of Britney Spears‘ “Alien” was leaked online which sounded almost like you’d expect Britney Spears to sound without autotune except knowing the Internet it was probably way too good to be tru.....»»

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Britney Spears" "Alien" Without Auto-Tune: Listen to the Unedited Version!

It's authentic, real, unedited Britney, bitch! The other week, a version of Britney Spears' song "Alien" without auto-tune or editing leaked online, giving fans a chance........»»

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ANOTHER Raw Britney Spears Track Surfaces On The Internet! This Time It"s Work B**ch — But Is It Really Working For Her??

We KNEW that other track must have been some sort of flub! Another Britney Spears raw track has surfaced on this internet for critics and this time it's Work B**ch sans autotune. Which makes it, pretty much, a completely different song. BUT, let's be rea.....»»

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William Orbit Defends That Leaked Clip of Britney Spears Without Auto-Tune

If you go anywhere on the internet, you must have heard that video of Britney Spears singing without auto-tune. In case you haven’t, here it is. It’s an unedited vocal version of “Alien,” a single off her latest album. It sounds li.....»»

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Britney Spears Reveals Her "Glory" Track List - See All the Song Titles!

Britney Spears has finally revealed the entire track listing for her upcoming album Glory. The new album is set to include an impressive 17 songs, including her latest single “Make Me.” PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Britney Spears The a.....»»

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Britney Spears People Blocking David Lucado From Contacting Britney

Now that Britney Spears has agreed to end things with David Lucado, it sounds like the people around her are making sure this split sticks. Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, reportedly is leading the effort, ensuring David can’t talk to Britney .....»»

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Yikes! Britney Spears Without Auto-Tune! Producer Leaps to Defense

New from PopCrunch: Britney Spears – Alien NO AUTOTUNE by dioguinhoblog It’s no secret: Pop princess Britney Spears’ pipes can hardly be compared to the powerhouse vocals possessed by other divas great enough to be known by simply one na.....»»

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Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Team Up for “Pretty Girls”: Listen Here!

Kicking off the week with a brand new ditty, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea have released their song “Pretty Girls” a few days after it initially leaked onto the internet. Over the weekend, the Australian rapper reached out to fans via Twitter- "Hi g.....»»

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Britney Spears Nipples Defend Her Singing

The Britney Spears can’t sing controversy continues for either the past week or the past fifteen years depending on when you first noticed. Britney Spears leaked un-computer tuned vocals last week sent a shockwave through the domain of dummies who d.....»»

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Britney Spears" Make Me Music Video Is Actually The Second Version — See Why The First Was Rejected!

We are so in love with the new Make Me video from Britney Spears, but it's interesting to note this is the SECOND version her team produced! Apparently, the first one was full of issues, and the Spears camp went so far as to reject it and go with this ent.....»»

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Britney Spears -- Fires Back at Iggy Azalea ... At Least I Have Shows!

Britney Spears/Iggy Azalea's feud has reached Defcon 1 ... and Britney is taking shots at Iggy's failed tour ... while promoting her own.  After Iggy bashed Spears over their failed song, "Pretty Girls," Spears cleverly shot back, "Can't wait to&hell.....»»

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Britney Spears accidentally inform Zoe Saldana is pregnant with twins

Britney Spears accidentally inform Zoe Saldana is pregnant with twins Britney Spears accidentally inform Zoe Saldana is pregnant with twins during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, Sept. 9. Britney was quoted whether she and Saldana woul.....»»

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Britney Spears and Jimmy Fallon Weigh the Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears—Watch Now!

Eat your heart out, David Lucado. After Britney Spears debuted her lingerie collection, The Intimate Britney Spears, during New York Fashion Week Tuesday, the 32-year-old........»»

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Britney Spears Had a Shitty Day (VIDEO)

Britney Spears’ boyfriend David Lucado was caught on tape dancing and making out with a woman who was somebody else’s chubby girlfriend. The Britney Spears conservancy, also known as Britney’s dad’s rent money, is spinning the stor.....»»

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Britney Spears Gives Advice On Handling “Sh*tty” Day After Video Of David Lucado With Another Woman Found (Video)

Oh boy. It sounds like Britney Spears is definitely single. It also sounds like this was a nasty breakup. TMZ reports that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, discovered a video of Britney’s then-boyfriend, David Lucado, with another woman. At lea.....»»

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BRITNEY SPEARS Looking Happy With David Lucado!

Split? What split? Britney Spears put the rumors that she and David Lucado had broken up with a simple pic. She posted this picture of the couple on Instagram last night. RELATED: Did Britney Spears split from David Lucado? Britney captioned the pic. Hola.....»»

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BRITNEY SPEARS Did She Split From David Lucado?

It sounds like Britney Spears may be back on the dating scene again. Rumor has it Britney split from boyfriend David Lucado. Get the scoop after the break. RELATED: Britney Spears and David Lucado cheer on their soccer superstars from the sidelines. Radar.....»»

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Britney Spears Threatening Porn Star With Lawsuit

Cali Lee, the porn star David Lucado cheated on Britney Spears with, is feeling the wrath of Britney’s lawyers. Britney’s team sent a threatening letter to Lee warning that Lucado signed a confidentiality agreement with Britney and anything he.....»»

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Britney"s REAL singing voice?

A leaked raw version of Britney Spears' 'Alien' may leave you cringing. Is this really her voice?.....»»

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Britney"s REAL singing voice?

A leaked raw version of Britney Spears' 'Alien' may leave you cringing. Is this really her voice?.....»»

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