Nicki Minaj Shares Sexy New "Anaconda" Pic... And a "Simpsons" Spoof?

Nicki Minaj's booty just won't quit.The rapper showed off her famously well-endowed backside in her new "Anaconda" single artwork last week and now, her Barbz are having a field day. Minaj is posting some of her favorite fan-made memes -- includ.....»»

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Nicki Minaj ButtHurt Over Miley Cyrus Anaconda Parody? See The Provoking Pic HERE!

Nicki Minaj is not happy. First a lot of fans use her Anaconda as a meme. Then Miley Cyrus even decides to take part in the joke with her own Hannah Conda pic! But when Nicki saw that Miley had made THIS NSFW pic (below) her Twitter icon, she took to Inst.....»»

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Nicki Minaj At The 2014 VMAs VS Britney Spears At The 2001 VMAs: Whose Anaconda Was Better?

Left: Nicki Minaj bumping her a** while performing Anaconda at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Right: Britney Spears bringing out an "anaconda" during her 2001 MTV VMAs performance of I'm A Slave 4 U. How can you possibly choose with this one?! Nicki wor.....»»

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You Have To See Ellen DeGeneres" Version Of Nicki Minaj"s Anaconda Video! Nicki Did, And Her Reaction Is Priceless!

We just LOVE Nicki Minaj's Anaconda music video so much we never even realized it was missing something! Well, that something turns out to be Ellen DeGeneres! The funny lady inserted herself into Nicki's bootylicious hit, and t.....»»

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Nicki Minaj"s Totally Bare Butt is On Full Display in "Anaconda" Cover Art!

Nicki Minaj bends over while wearing a thong, putting her whole butt on display, in the newly released cover art for her new song “Anaconda.” “7/28 #ANACONDA on iTunes 👅” the 31-year-old entertainer wrote on her Instagram, along.....»»

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Nicki Minaj -- Anaconda Snake Bites Dancer During VMA Rehearsal

A 6-foot long snake -- believed to be an anaconda -- just bit a dancer during a VMA run-through for Sunday's show ... TMZ has learned.Nicki Minaj was on stage performing her hit, "Anaconda" when a female dancer was bit by the reptile in front of….....»»

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Nicki Minaj"s "Anaconda" Video Teaser Is Bootylicious!

Nicki Minaj's Anaconda teaser gives Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back video a run for its money in the booty shaking department.Sampling from the 1992 Baby Got Back track ("My Anaconda don't want none..."), the 15-second video matches up with the so.....»»

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Nicki Minaj Drops The Most Bootylicious Cover Of All Time For Her New Single Anaconda!

Daaaaaaaaaaaayum! Nicki Minaj ain't EVEN playin' around with her new single art! Nicki shared a sneak peek at the cover for her new single Anaconda a few days early, and Oh-My-God-Becky it is ass-tounding! Gurl has dropped the guns for something even more.....»»

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Nicki Minaj Is Grinding On Drake"s Anaconda For Her New Music Video! Get A Sneak Peek At The Dirty Dance HERE!

This is gonna be one SMOKIN' hot music video! And it's surely gonna get seXXXy rumors started up about Nicki Minaj and Drake! Why's that??? Because Nicki is grinding all up on Drake for her new music video for Anaconda premiering on Wednesday. The booty-f.....»»

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Nicki Minaj Shows New York Fashion Week Models How to Do the "Anaconda" Dance

Nicki Minaj is bringing her jaw-dropping "Anaconda" moves to New York Fashion Week!Vogue shot this video of Minaj backstage at Alexander Wang's star-studded fashion show Saturday, where she attempted to teach models Irina Kravchenko, Ewa Wladymi.....»»

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Nicki Minaj"s "Anaconda" Cover Art is Totally NSFW

Nicki Minaj certainly knows her assets.After teasing fans on Twitter about a special "surprise,” the Young Money rapper delivered a bombshell on Thursday. Minaj unveiled the single art for her new song "Anaconda" via Instagram and it's........»»

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Nicki Minaj Fires Back at Miley Cyrus for "Anaconda" Meme

Nicki Minaj has seen her fair share of "Anaconda" memes and for the most part, she seems to be loving the attention.Minaj set tongues wagging last month when she unveiled the bootylicious (and totally NSFW) art for her latest single. The song sa.....»»

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Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Cover Is Perfect For Photoshop, And These 7 Images ... -

PerezHilton.comNicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Cover Is Perfect For Photoshop, And These 7 Images ...MTV.comYou probably remember where you were when you first saw the cover art for Nicki Minaj's “Anaconda.” It was that big of an event......»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj"s Stylists Talk "Anaconda": Pink G-String "Happened Organically"

The video has only been out one day, but Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" has no doubt already secured its spot in pop culture history.The racy clip features Minaj in various states of dress (and undress), showing off her assets in everything from high .....»»

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Sir Mix-a-Lot Has One Word for Nicki Minaj"s Racy "Anaconda" Music Video—Find Out What It Is!

Sir Mix-a-Lot likes big butts and he cannot lie—Nicki Minaj has one! Minaj samples the 51-year-old rapper's 1992 hit "Baby Got Back" in "Anaconda," the debut........»»

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Ellen DeGeneres Recreates Nicki Minaj"s "Anaconda" Video & It Is Hilarious - Watch Now!

Ellen DeGeneres brings the funny by putting herself into Nicki Minaj‘s infamous “Anaconda” music video! The 56-year-old talk show host caused Nicki to giggle at the video after viewing it and ask “What did you do?” afterwards.....»»

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You Know Who Loved Nicki Minaj"s VMA Anaconda Performance The Most? MILEY CYRUS!

HOLY. HOLY. No doubt, you more than enjoyed Nicki Minaj's first live performance of Anaconda at the VMAs last night. Then again, maybe Nicki enjoyed just a little bit more… But you know who enjoyed it the most? Not Jennifer Lopez! No, not Kim Kard.....»»

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Snake Bites Nicki Minaj"s Backup Dancer at VMA Rehearsal

That anaconda wants some. During Nicki Minaj’s Friday afternoon VMA rehearsal, a six-foot boa constrictor bit a backup dancer. NEWS: Nicki Minaj Releases Her Anaconda on the WorldMTV reports that "the snake's handler was watching the entire perform.....»»

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Nicki Minaj Gives Drake A Lap Dance In New "Anaconda" Video

These two love getting sexy with each other! Nicki Minaj sets tongues wagging by giving Drake a lap dance in the new "Anaconda" music video, and she certainly knows how to........»»

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Nicki Minaj Delays "Anaconda" Release Following Cover Art Backlash, Shares Another Scandalous Instagram Shot

Bad news, Barbz, Nicki Minaj has delayed the release of her upcoming single "Anaconda." The 31-year-old rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to let fans know that the song's........»»

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Nicki Minaj Shakes Her Giant Butt In Clip From "Anaconda" Music Video

Nicki Minaj posted a sexy clip from her upcoming "Anaconda" music video over the weekend, and from the jungle setting to the jiggling booties, this video does not disappoint! The........»»

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