Jonah Hill: Fans Slam Him After Homophobic Slur & ‘Heartbroken’ Apology

On June 3, a video was released of Jonah Hill hurling a homophobic insult at a paparazzo, and while he publicly apologized not long after, many of Jonah’s fans are not satisfied with his apology......»»

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JONAH HILL Uses Homophobic Slur At Paparazzi: “Suck My D*ck, You F*ggot!” (VIDEO)

In recent star news, JONAH HILL used a homophobic slur at paparazzi. He hurled: “Suck my d*ck, you f*ggot!” Jonah Hill, is a well-known actor and comedian who enjoys doing spoofs. He is known for movies such as “Superbad” and ̶.....»»

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Jonah Hill Apologizes For Using Homophobic Slur: "This Is a Heartbreaking Situation For Me"

Jonah Hill has offered an apology after being caught on camera hurling a homophobic slur at a photographer this past weekend. “Suck my d–k, you f—-t,” the 30-year-old 22 Jump Street actor said to the photog. On Tuesday (June 3), Jo.....»»

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Hear Jonah Hill"s Apology for Homophobic Slur

Actor Jonah Hill has apologized for his use of a homophobic slur over the weekend......»»

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Jonah Hill Apologizes for Homophobic Slur: "It"s Heartbreaking For Me"

Jonah Hill took to The Howard Stern Show Tuesday to apologize for a homophobic slur he was caught saying to a paparazzo on camera.After a cameraman repeatedly hounded Hill and a friend while they were out and about in Los Angeles recently, the Wolf of Wal.....»»

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JONAH HILL Apologizes For Homophobic Slur: It Was “Disgusting” And Inexcusable

JONAH HILL apologized for his use of homophobic slurs, celebrity news has learned. He said: It was “disgusting” and inexcusable. Jonah Hill is a great comedic actor who knows comedic timing. However, with a bad mouth like his, anything he says.....»»

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Jonah Hill Apologizes On ‘Tonight Show’ For Slur: Video

Jonah Hill, making the rounds to plug 22 Jump Street, opened his Tonight Show visit last night with an apology for the homophobic slur he hurled at a paparazzo over the weekend. “Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke,” Hill began as the audie.....»»

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Jonah Hill Apologizes On "Tonight Show" For Homophobic Slur

In a serious moment on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, guest Jonah Hill took some time to address the controversy surrounding a homophobic slur he hurled at a paparazzo, and tried to explain what happened without excusing his actions.Over the week.....»»

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Jonah Hill: Actor Hurls Homophobic Slur At Photographer — Watch

’22 Jump Street’ actor Jonah Hill was filmed hurling a homophobic slur at a photographer in LA over the weekend of May 31......»»

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Jonah Hill -- Throws Homophobic Slur at Photog ... "Suck My D***, F*****"

Jonah Hill got fed up with a photographer's comments about his outfit, and lashed out by hurling a gay slur at him, yelling ... "Suck my d***, you f*****!"Hill was out in the Larchmont area of L.A. over the weekend when a couple paparazzi….....»»

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WATCH: Jonah Hill Apologizes Again for Using Homophobic Slur

Jonah Hill has apologized a second time for the homophobic remarks he was caught insulting a photographer with this week. In a obtained by TMZ video, Hill was filmed saying “suck my dick, you faggot,” to a photographer who was following him ar.....»»

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Jonah Hill apologizes on "Tonight Show" for using "grotesque" gay slur

Jonah Hill delivered an emotional apology to fans and the LGBT community during a visit to the "Tonight Show" Tuesday after being filmed using a gay slur over the weekend. Hill wasted no time in getting serious with host Jimmy Fallon, taking his seat an.....»»

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Jonah Hill -- Accepts Responsibility for Homophic Slur ... "I Shouldn"t Have Said That"

Jonah Hill took on the controversy behind his homophobic slur head on this morning on Howard Stern ... fully admitting he made the hurtful comment and accepting full responsibility. Hill lashed out a paparazzo over the weekend to a photog, telling….....»»

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Jonah Hill on His "Tonight Show" Slur Apology

ET's Rocsi Diaz caught up with Jonah Hill after his Tonight Show slur apology......»»

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Jonah Hill Apologizes for Homophobic Slur: “I Should Have Said F*ck You”

Jonah Hill has publicly apologized for using a homophobic slur towards a paparazzi photographer. The 22 Jump Street star took responsibility for his actions on The Howard Stern Show this morning. The Oscar-nominated actor was caught on video by TMZ yel.....»»

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Jonah Hill -- I"m an Idiot, Kids ... Don"t Do What I Did

Jonah Hill got seriously choked up while making his second public apology for blurting out a homophobic slur at a photographer -- and called himself a role model ... for what NOT to do.Hill was on the Tonight Show when he brought up the video we….....»»

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Hill sorry for homophobic slur

JONAH Hill has apologised for hurling a homophobic slur at a paparazzi photographer, admitting "I shouldn't have said that"......»»

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Jonah Hill apologizes for slur aimed at paparazzo

NEW YORK (AP) — Jonah Hill has apologized for using a homophobic slur with a paparazzo in an encounter caught on video......»»

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Why would gay ally Jonah Hill let fly with a slur?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jonah Hill is winning points for what appears to be a sincere apology for hurling a gay slur at a paparazzo he says was harassing him......»»

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Will Jonah Hill’s Anti-Gay Slur Slow ’22 Jump Street’?

Will 22 Jump Street take a box office hit after star Jonah Hill cursed out a paparazzo with an anti-gay slur last weekend, then delivered an apology widely criticized online as inadequate? Combine the subsequent marketing absence of Hill, a social-media.....»»

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Jonah Hill Talks Longtime Friend Adam Levine & Almost Kissing Channing Tatum’s Package on Howard Stern

He’s endlessly funny and has plenty of industry stories to tell, and Jonah Hill captivated Howard Stern during his on air radio interview on Tuesday (June 3). Following his apology for using a homophobic slur towards a paparazzo over the weekend, the .....»»

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