John Mayer Is A Crazy Cat Man

On Monday night a solo and sexy John Mayer dined at Madeo, and even with the poofy hair, hipster glasses and quirky cat t-shirt, we still think he's a hottie! And we have to wonder if he's somehow trying........»»

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John Mayer Plans to Romance 60-Year Old Hippie Women

John Mayer and Katy Perry are no more. That leaves Mayer with plenty of time on his hands. He’s a notorious womanizer, but there’s one demographic he hasn’t touched. Old, hippie women. Mayer realizes this is such an untapped gold mine......»»

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Cat Memes Take Over The #BrusselsLockdown Hashtag (For a Great Reason)

If there is one thing the internet does with excellence and grace, it is cat memes, cat videos, cat gifs, cat vines, and the classic cat photo. But why are cats taking over the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag? Since Saturday, Nov. 21, Brussels has been in a sta.....»»

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Watch John Mayer Sell His Own Brand Of Laundry Detergent In A Bizarre Infomercial!

You don't see this every day! When he's not busy performing at rock concerts and shows, John Mayer is… at home hand-washing his clothes with his own name-brand laundry detergent?! Apparently!! Related: Leslie Jones Loves Her Some John Mayer! The La.....»»

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John Mayer Is Using A Dating App To Find That Special Someone!

It seems like everyone is using dating apps to find their potential soulmate… including A-list celebs! On Friday, word broke out that John Mayer is using an exclusive, members-only app called Raya that targets "creative types". Related: John Mayer I.....»»

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John Mayer -- Punks Photog ... So Fun!!!! (VIDEO)

John Mayer clowned our photog after playing an awesome set at an L.A. club.  John was at Vibrato Tuesday night when our camera guy dropped the news he's getting hitched. He had the balls to ask John if he'd play at his wedding. John then came….....»»

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John Mayer Sit Down

John Mayer sued his Rolex dealer and lost, solidifying himself as a total fucking rich douchebag who gets a ton of pussy. Mayer reportedly bought $5 million in Rolex watches from his dealer Robert Maron. It’s unclear why he can’t go to the sto.....»»

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John Mayer Is Trying To Win Over Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence has already been on quite a few dates with Chris Martin, but apparently John Mayer wants to squeeze his way in because he’s got a thing for J-Law. Reportedly, she recently went out to dinner with Mayer — but let’s hope.....»»

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Taylor Swift & John Mayer -- These Two, Again?

Taylor Swift and John Mayer showed up at the same place Wednesday night ... eating dinner within eyeshot of each other ... and we know what didn't happen.We got pics of Swift and Mayer leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood in separate cars ... so&hell.....»»

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Katy Perry to John Mayer -- You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

John Mayer and Katy Perry partied like 18-year-olds ... clubbing till 4:30 AM Thursday, and that's after John raged onstage at a concert earlier in the day with the Grateful Dead. Check out the clip below ... John and Katy were at The Nice Guy in WeHo,&he.....»»

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This Amazing Cat Rescues Her Owner From a House Fire

This guy is a cat person forever now.An Australian man's cat risked one of its nine lives to save him while his Melbourne home was burning down. Sully the cat meowed loudly to wake up her owner, Craig Geeves, just in time to escape. Fire officials tended .....»»

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John Mayer Throws Shade for Taylor Swift"s Birthday

John Mayer celebrated Taylor Swift's birthday not by throwing a party, but by throwing MAJOR shade her way. John tweeted a not-so-subtle diss at his ex Tuesday -- her 27th born day -- calling it "the lamest day of the year." He pulle.....»»

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Bruce Willis, John Mayer sing the blues at benefit show

NEW YORK (AP) — Bruce Willis and John Mayer sang the blues at the Jazz Foundation of America's annual benefit concert which honored two legendary pianists, Dr. John and McCoy Tyner......»»

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John Mayer -- Prepare to be Mind Blown, Regis!

John Mayer is a big star.  Regis Philbin has met lots of big stars.  Regis A) doesn't recognize John and B) is genuinely star struck when Bob Saget clues him in.The singer was at Craig's with Saget when the famous TV host….....»»

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Katy Perry will probably write some songs about John Mayer

Katy Perry and John Mayer‘s relationship ran its course earlier this year, and while Katy is currently touring Prism, the album of songs all about how sprung she was off John’s ~energy~ and ~aura~, turns out her next one might be all about whe.....»»

Category: topSource: evilbeetgossipJun 4th, 2014

John Mayer -- My Name is Gold in O.P.S. ... Other People"s Songs!

John Mayer has returned to form! It's just like 5 years ago, when he was the funniest celeb in the TMZ universe.We got John at Madeo Monday night, and he was hilarious.  A photog brings up the buzz that his ex GF Katy Perry was writing a….....»»

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John Mayer Says He"s A Recovering Ego Addict, Not A Womanizer

John Mayer is a changed man. The singer/songwriter, who at one time bragged about his sexual conquests, has called himself a "recovering ego addict.".....»»

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John Mayer Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge From Man with ALS - Watch Now!

Check out John Mayer showing off his guitar skills while accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! “I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Jason Becker, a phenomenal musician who has ALS. Though he can no longer play guitar because of the dis.....»»

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Grumpy Cat Looks Like This in His Movie

Lifetime’s Grumpy Cat movie debuts at Christmastime. The story is about a cat who’s grumpy from living in a mall pet shop. A 12-year-old girl named Chrystal adopts him over the holidays after realizing she can hear the cat talk. She might be .....»»

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If Hello Kitty talks like a cat, walks like a cat, then…oh crap!

For the last 40 years, millions of girls have grown up loving Hello Kitty and thinking she was a cat. Well yesterday The LA Times broke a story that crushed all of their hearts because her creator, Sanrio, says she is not a cat. Whhhhhhaaaaaaaatttttttt? C.....»»

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Watch This Cat Play Jenga Better Than Most Humans

Well, sure. Tara the hero cat saved her toddler's life after full-body tackling a vicious dog. But this cat named Moe can play Jenga! Who's to say which cat is more........»»

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