Zayn claims 1D boys won’t talk to him

ZAYN Malik says he had every intention of keeping in touch with his former One Direction band mates but claims they’re not interested in speaking to him......»»

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The faces of music to watch in 2016

THE class of 2016 is an eclectic bunch of artists who are bending genres of contemporary music or thrilling with superb songwriting. Here’s who to watch for......»»

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The real music to Aussie ears

THE music you can hear spilling out of those headphones or car stereo is probably Adele, in a year that was disappointing for Aussie singers......»»

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Gunners reunite to play Coachella

IT’S the rock reunion that many — including the warring members of Guns N’ Roses — thought they’d never see. And it’s finally been confirmed......»»

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Band cops it for post on festival deaths

THE Presets have been slammed for comparing drug-related deaths at music festivals to those killed on roads......»»

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This Is Us" Lonnie Chavis Had the Best Time Ever at the 2017 People"s Choice Awards

When you're a 9-year-old starring in one of television's most watched shows, life is pretty great. Such is the case for This Is Us star Lonnie Chavis. The adorable child actor who........»»

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How to Dress Confidently--No Matter Your Body Type

Whether you're aware of it or not, you have a favorite body part. And you like to flaunt it. Of course, we all have those I-have-nothing-to-wear-because-I-feel-gross-and-bloated days,........»»

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Aussie rapper’s brutally honest drug confession

A MELBOURNE rapper 360 has told the story of his painkiller addiction in a deeply personal video that has gained millions of Facebook views......»»

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‘I get bad anxiety if I feel trapped’

POP icon Guy Sebastian has just announced a tour with his brother in the opening spot. And he’s not sure if he’ll have enough time to judge X Factor......»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Zelda Williams Isn"t Ready to Watch Dad Robin"s Movies Yet: It Would Be Self-Destructive

Nearly a year and a half after the death of her father, the 26-year-old reflects on their memories together......»»

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Robin Williams" Real-Life and On-Screen Daughters Team Up on Powerful New Project

JoJo and Zelda Williams have been BFFs since meeting at the premiere of 'RV' in 2006......»»

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Charlie Puth Talks Getting Down With Meghan Trainor: "Not Like That, You Dirty-Minded People!"

The 23-year-old Grammy nominee tells Ellen about kissing his 'best friend.'.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato Reveals Wilmer Valderrama Had "Some Hesitations" About Their Age Difference

Demi reveals Wilmer's major reservations about their age difference when the two first met......»»

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Selena Gomez Absolutely Stuns in Red Cut-Out Gown, Talks "Emotional" First Tour in 2 Years

Can we talk about how amazing Selena Gomez looked?.....»»

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Keith Urban Honors His Late Dad: He "Pointed Me in the Direction" of Country Music

The 'American Idol' judge lost his father last month......»»

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Craig Strickland"s Wife Helen Remembers Their First Date During Country Singer"s Moving Funeral Service

The country singer's memorial service was in Rogers, Arkansas on Tuesday evening......»»

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Madonna Pays Tribute to David Bowie With "Rebel Rebel" Cover at Houston Concert

The 57-year-old pop icon honored Bowie's memory with a loving cover of his 1974 hit during her 'Rebel Heart' tour......»»

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FLASHBACK: David Bowie"s 1987 "Glass Spider" Tour Was "Colorful, Vulgar, Dreamlike"

The singer spoke to ET just before launching the tour in support of his album 'Never Let Me Down.'.....»»

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