People’s Choice Awards: The Rest of ‘Em

   In which we receive no greater insight as to what the people are choosing than I had two days ago. Read More ........»»

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People’s Choice Awards: The Grey’s Anatomy Cast

   So, not only was Grey’s Anatomy nominated, but it WON. People are STILL choosing Grey’s Anatomy?!? WHICH PEOPLE? Read More ........»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Dakota Johnson (And Friends)

   Dakota didn’t walk the red carpet — several of the bigwigs didn’t, actually, like Sandra Bullock — and I have to say, I find that frustrating. It’s the People’s Choice Awards. It may not feel like a .....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug Carpet, Ming-Na Wen

  As ever, it is customary to open any post about Ming-Na to note that SHE IS AGELESS. She is 51. How does she look the same as she did on ER, and I look like a shriveled husk compared to 2004 me, a Jessica made of corn husks and sold to childre.....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Grease Live Cast

   Fox’s Grease Live is airing on Jan. 31 — the day after the SAG Awards, which are on a Saturday, which… I have thoughts — and these are several of your Rydell High students. (Aaron Tveit is Danny Zuko.) The cast t.....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fine: Lea Michele in Elie Saab

   Every so often we see a dress that looks, from afar, like a creature is reaching around and cupping the wearer’s boobs. I can honestly say I have never thought to myself, “Oh, yes, getting felt up is REALLY on-trend this wint.....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Natalie Dormer

 She looks, to me, like she’s regretting doing this, here, on this wet night, mere days before the Golden Globes, when she could be home with a hair mask in, watching Vanderpump Rules: Also maybe that outfit. Read More ........»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: Pretty Little Liars

   Pretty Little Liars is doing a time jump — people laughed when One Tree Hill did it, but honestly, I think more shows should; all the crap they made the Gossip Girl characters do would’ve made more sense if they were 23, not.....»»

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People’s Choice Fugs or Fabs: Sandra Bullock (in Monique Lhuillier) and Melissa McCarthy

   I feel like, of all of Hollywood’s Lady Friend Duos, this might be the one I most want to grab a drink with. No offense to, say, J Law and Schumer, who I am sure are a collective hoot, but Sandy and Melissa are both a little older .....»»

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Jackie Evancho Not Pulling a Beyonce ... She"ll Sing Live at Inauguration

Jackie Evancho's keeping it real at Donald Trump's inauguration ... with her voice. Sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... Jackie will sing the national anthem LIVE when she steps up to the mic Friday. You'll recall Bey.....»»

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Cedric the Entertainer Says Steelers Win ... Unless Pats Cheat (VIDEO)

[[tmz:video id="0_flhpurv1"]] There's only one way the Patriots can beat the Steelers this weekend ... CHEAT ... that's according to Cedric the Entertainer who says the Steelers got it in the bag, unless Brady dips into his ba.....»»

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Teresa Giudice"s House Arrest Is Officially Over! Salut!

Teresa Giudice is having an awesome Friday. Just a little over a month since Giudice was released from prison, her attorney revealed she's officially DONE with house arrest. Related: Teresa Celebrates Milania's 10th Birthday! Translation: Tre can now come.....»»

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Rihanna Is Performing At The Grammys!

After finally releasing her long-awaited album Anti, Rihanna is FINALLY back in our lives! The American Oxygen singer's eighth studio album was had a lukewarm debut in terms of sales when it dropped last week — but that's about to change! Because Ri.....»»

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Ryan Reynolds Defends His Baby"s Non-Traditional Name — "I Didn"t Call Her Summer Squash Meadow Lark Or Somethi

Out of all the bizarre celeb baby names out there, we definitely wouldn't put Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's baby girl's moniker on the list! So when the Deadpool star was asked about his daughter James' "unusual" name on Good Morning Britain on Friday,.....»»

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Attention, Inmates! Orange Is The New Black Just Got Renewed For THREE More Seasons!

It looks like the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary have gotten their sentences extended — which is great news for us! Because Netflix announced it was renewing Orange is the New Black for THREE more seasons! In the deal, the streaming service got .....»»

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Paris Jackson Hints At Issues With Alcohol After SLAMMING Fans During A Lengthy Rant — What Set The Starlet Off?

Paris Jackson seems to not be having a fun time on Instagram. On Friday, it was revealed that Michael Jackson's daughter isn't too happy with the way she's been treated by her followers on the picture sharing site. In fact, the starlet has expressed feeli.....»»

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Did Dave Mirra Suffer From The Same Concussion-Related Condition As Junior Seau?

This is still such a shock to us — and as we learn more about investigators' findings, it may be a shock to them, too. BMX legend Dave Mirra apparently committed suicide on Thursday, and now authorities in Greenville, North Carolina where he made hi.....»»

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Watch JoJo SLAY Her Network Debut Performance Of Save My Soul On Late Night With Seth Meyers!

JoJo has such an amazing voice we just can't get enough! That's why we're so excited that the brunette beauty finally got to perform on network TV, stopping by Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday for a performance of Save My Soul. Video: JoJo Performs GO.....»»

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Heidi Klum & Ellen DeGeneres Try On Each Other"s Intimates In A Very Tantalizing Interview! Watch The Brief Clip HERE!

Never say Heidi Klum doesn't appreciate a gift! The supermodel stopped by Friday's Ellen to promote her new line of lingerie, but she ended up showing the audience the underwear she had on as well! After sitting down, the America's Got Talent judge admitt.....»»

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Justin Bieber Welcomes A New Member To The Family!

Get ready to squeal! On Thursday night, Justin Bieber announced there's a new addition to his family, and he's small, furry, and absolutely going to melt hearts! The Purpose singer introduced his Instagram followers to his tiny new puppy, Phil! Related: E.....»»

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