Cannes Fugs and Fabs: The Foxcatcher Premiere

   Whoever is dressing Jessica Chastain has finally realized that girlfriend really looks great in color. All that, plus Channing Tatum awaits you. Read More ........»»

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Cannes Unfug or Fab: Rosario Dawson in Dolce & Gabbana and Sportmax

  I’d say about… 75 percent of what Rosario Dawson wears makes me think, “Eh, not my favorite.” Here’s another lukewarm pool to jump into: It’s… fine. Not that flattering to her chest; I think it might h.....»»

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Charlize Theron on Vogue, June 2014

 …did Vogue seriously give Charlize a cover for A Million Ways to Die in the West? I mean, I know they really gave her the cover because she’s Charlize Theron and she’s beautiful but between this and SNL there’s a PR professio.....»»

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Well Played, Diane Kruger in Giambattista Valli

   Well. I basically just love this. Read More ........»»

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Cannes Fug Carpet: Julianne Moore in Chanel

   She looks like an unfinished Muppet plagued by the heartbreak of static electricity. I can’t. Or I Cannes’t, as it were. Read More ........»»

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Fug or Fab: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Victoria Beckham

 I have a lot of questions about Rose Huntington-Whiteley, like: is she really an actress or are we all just kidding ourselves? Is it wrong that I find it funny that a movie about ice cream bars is premiering at Cannes? And should I have an ice cream.....»»

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Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie Recap, Season 3 Finale

   Well, now I am delighted that this show has been renewed, because this finale episode was great: funny, dramatic, emotional, surprising, very well-paced, well-costumed (we get Erdem AND Lanvin), full of Don Todd, and bringing with it the.....»»

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Cannes Well Played, Marion Cotillard in Dior

   This feels like an improvement from yesterday’s refried crazy, right? Read More ........»»

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Well Played Omnibus: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

   Hello! We talked about Crown Princess Mary in last week’s Royals Round-Up, but I could not bring you these photos until today, because they were embargoed for some reason. She was out and about a lot over the last few weeks —.....»»

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amfAR in Cannes: Fugs and Fabs, Part 1

   Sorry, Dior, but for this Prom she picked McQueen. Read More ........»»

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amfAR Fug Carpet: Anne V

 Oh, sweet child: The V jokes write themselves. Read More ........»»

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Freaky Fug Friday: The Engagements and LOVE Necklace

  Hey guys! Another Friday, another giveaway — and we’re very excited about this one! In honor of the paperback release of J Courtney Sullivan’s The Engagements, which we gave out last summer in hardback, and which I LOVE (it w.....»»

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amfAR in Cannes: Fugs and Fabs, Part 2

   I would like to point out that — in a feat that rarely, if ever, happens — I correctly called this. However, the caveat is that I think I tried to call almost all those dresses for Heidi Klum, and that dilutes my success here.....»»

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amFar in Cannes Better Played Carpet: Justin Bieber

 I mean, it’s a whole hell of a lot better: I am not sure the pants are supposed to be quite so bunchy all the way down (and the rest of it also seems fitted oddly and shoved around, as if the primary objective was to make his shoulders look br.....»»

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Royals Round-Up, May 23, 2014

   We had much coverage of the Waleses — real and fake — on GFY this week. In case you missed it: Harry went to Italy and Estonia and looked hot, while William went to the Arsenal/Hull City game and looked presidential. Charles .....»»

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Cannes Fugs and Fabs: Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz in Chanel, plus Juliette Binoche

   Cannes is like, “Kim WHOdashian? We’re busy with real things.” Read More ........»»

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Catch-up Fuggerday: Things We Missed Because Of Cannes

   Orange Is The New Black had a premiere party. So did The Normal Heart. People wore stuff, and more importantly: Matt Bomer and Tim Riggins. Venture in with us. Read More ........»»

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Cannes Fugs and Fabs: Stuff We Missed Along The Way

   Cannes is so sprawling that there’s always stuff that slips through our fingers while we’re busy swooning over Blake Lively’s big skirts. Mostly herein are models, but as you can see, we’ve also got Naomi Watts &#.....»»

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Well Played, Emily Blunt in Oscar de la Renta

   Well, it certainly helps that the background here is spectacular. But the dress is pretty great, too. Read More ........»»

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NY Reasons We Love Cannes

Of course, we did a Cannes wrap-up for The Cut.  And to quote us: This slideshow is dedicated to the myriad of ways this year’s film festival underscored the one thing we know to be true: Cannes is simply the best. And yes, that includes saying somethi.....»»

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