Oy, Woody Allen, again with the controversy

He says he doesn't hire black actors unless the part calls for it.        .....»»

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Compare Chadwick Boseman"s dance moves to James Brown"s

Compare 4 classic James Brown dance moves with their Boseman counterparts in 'Get on Up'        .....»»

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Vin Diesel tenderly covers Sam Smith"s "Stay with Me"

The actor's having a ball on his 'Guardians of the Galaxy' press junket.        .....»»

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Get to know the "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Get to know Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Drax and Peter Quill before you see the movie.        .....»»

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G.R.L. on the highs and lows of life together

Girlband G.R.L. talk about getting advice from their favourite Spice Girl and how they avoid falling out when they're together all the time. (July 31)        .....»»

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That time Chris Pratt showed Amy Poehler his penis

It was NO laughing matter!        .....»»

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Chadwick Boseman gets on up as James Brown in biopic

Actor trained hard to inhabit the role in acclaimed new biopic.        .....»»

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"Mood Indigo": Treat your eyes to this surreal flick

Whitney spreads love for the flick, which is like a Surrealist painting come to life.        .....»»

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Video: Meet the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Before you see Marvel’s newest blockbuster, Carly Mallenbaum and Brian Truitt introduce you to its stars Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Drax and Peter Quill.        .....»»

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Premiere: T-Pain taps into EDM with "Up Down"

The rapper will kick off his "Drankin Patna" headlining tour on Aug. 11        .....»»

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Meet the Lorde of "The Hunger Games" music

She's in charge of the soundtrack.        .....»»

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SpongeBob is "Out of Water" in first trailer

SpongeBob and the gang are leaving Bikini Bottom ... for dry land!        .....»»

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"Sharknado 2" more popular on twitter than the original

Those tweeters just can't get enoufh of that shark-flinging tornado.        .....»»

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Jolie, Pitt sent handwritten love letters

Okay, that's pretty cute.        .....»»

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"Sharknado 2" chomped on by viewers

Movie was Syfy's most-watched yet, more than doubling first run of the original        .....»»

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Cirque couple has a ‘stormy’ relationship | USA Entertainment Now

Vanessa Fournier and Maxim Panteleenko perform an aerial-dance duet as the God and Goddess of wind in ‘Cirque du Soleil: Amaluna.’ Their dance creates a storm in the show, and mirrors their own real-life relationship.      &n.....»»

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Shirtless Nick Jonas punches up "Kingdom" trailer

You've never seen a Jonas brother quite like this.        .....»»

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Monica Lewinsky is an "Orange" fan - up to a point

New 'Vanity Fair' online columnist loves show, not color, but it's taught her lesson.        .....»»

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10 books to help your child with common kid problems

These reads help you take on troubles together.        .....»»

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Now it"s Javier Bardem clarifying the anti-Israel letter

Javier Bardem says he's been misunderstood, rejects "anti-Semite" label.        .....»»

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