Alanis Morissette"s "Jagged Little Pill" turns 20

Alanis Morissette's album of siren songs for pissed-off chicks everywhere, "Jagged Little Pill," turns 20 this month......»»

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Alanis Morissette re-examines her "Jagged Little Pill"

20 years on, Canadian songstress looks back at her defining album 'Jagged Little Pill' as she prepares to release a collector's edition. Rollo Ross reports......»»

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20 years on, Morissette"s "Jagged Little Pill" feels like yesterday

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - It is 20 years since Alanis Morissette released "Jagged Little Pill," the album that rocketed her to fame, but the Canadian singer can still remember it like it was yesterday......»»

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KATE UPTON On Fake Tabloid Rumors: It “Drives Me Crazy”!

KATE UPTON opened up to star news about what she thought of fake tabloid rumors about her, and she simply said: “It “drives me crazy”! It’s been quite a while since Kate Upton first because famous, thanks to her amazing boobs and .....»»

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Stephen Dorff Takes a Shirtless Swim in the Ocean!

Stephen Dorff gets shirtless for a swim in the Pacific Ocean on Friday afternoon (July 4) in Malibu, Calif. The 40-year-old actor showed off his various tattoos during his relaxing swim. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stephen Dorff The same weekend,.....»»

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I’m Told This Is Kate Upton

Here's Kate Upton on the set of The Layover. Yup, that Kate Upton......»»

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Kate Upton Modeling At Age 15

For as long as Kate Upton’s been upset about being seen as a sex object, she’s been modeling in showy things. I went down to the small shop where the old Chinese guy lectures visitors about mogwais and bought some photos of Kate Upton modeling.....»»

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UK sailor Sarah Young dies after being swept overboard in The World Yacht Race

Sarah Young, 40, was washed into the sea by a wave and was swept away in strong winds while she was competing in The World Yacht Race......»»

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Kate Upton Gets a "Real Housewife" Makeover in Sexy V Magazine Shoot

Kate Upton looks just a little overdressed for hanging out at home, right? There's a good reason, though, why the model-actress is wearing a ball gown in the bedroom: A photo shoot,........»»

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Kate Upton Dons Sexy Swimsuit In New Cosmetic Ad For Bobbi Brown

Kate Upton's first ad for Bobbi Brown's Sandy Nudes collection has been released. The model looks fresh faced and sun touched in the image, which features the blonde bombshell wearing a blue swim........»»

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Kate Upton Poses In Swimsuit For Make-Up Artist Bobbi Brown"s Sandy Nudes Ads

Kate Upton's first ad for Bobbi Brown's Sandy Nudes collection has been released. The model looks fresh faced and sun touched in the image, which features the blonde bombshell wearing a blue swim........»»

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Justin Verlander Lovingly Tosses Kate Upton a Baseball Mid-Game: See Her Adorable Reaction!

Kate Upton was Justin Verlander's MVP during last night's baseball game at Yankees Stadium. Upton, who was in the stands supporting her Detroit Tigers beau, caught the attention........»»

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Brock Turner -- He Can Apply at Swim Club ... But Fat Chance He"s Getting In

Brock Turner's gonna have a hard time finding a pool where he can swim when he gets back home ... at least that's what a local club is saying. The president of Brookview Swim and Tennis Club -- just 5 miles from Brock's house in Bellbrook, OH --….....»»

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Kate Upton"s Workout Regime Is Unbelievably Grueling, But She Makes It Look Easy

Kate Upton has a workout regime you won't believe! The 23-year-old supermodel's personal trainer, Ben Bruno, oversees her intense training sessions and spills the beans on some of Upton's secrets t........»»

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Kate Upton – Makeup Free, but Not Acne Free

Kate Upton’s like any other 22-year old girl: zit-faced and splotchy skin. She also looks a little portly with a chin that’s like a baseball player. You know, stretching for a double. Upton has started to bear a resemblance to Lindsay Lohan wh.....»»

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Kate Upton -- Vows to Pursue Hackers in Celebrity Photo Leak

Model Kate Upton has joined Jennifer Lawrence in vowing to go after the hackers responsible for the massive celebrity photo leak dominating the Internet. Upton's lawyer, Lawrence Shire, called the leak an "obviously and outrageous violation" of….....»»

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Kate Upton Won’t Do Nudity Because You’re All a Bunch of Jerks

Guys, it’s time to start being nice to Kate Upton. At least for a little while until we can convince her that we won’t be critical of her body if she gets naked for us. Speaking to Details, Upton said of stripping down: Is your voice also the .....»»

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Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Continue Model"s Birthday Celebrations at Underground in Chicago—All the Details!

Kate Upton had quite a birthday! The blond bombshell was joined by Justin Verlander and pals for a dinner at Chicago Cut Steakhouse earlier this week to celebrate Upton's 22nd........»»

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Kate Upton’s Nearly-Nude Moments You Need to See

Happy Birthday Kate Upton! The blonde bombshell turns 22 today! 21 was definitely a good year for Kate! Aside from her major modeling moments, Kate landed a lead role in the film, The Other Woman. Not only did Kate receive huge compliments for her part, .....»»

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Kate Upton announces engagement at Met Gala

KATE Upton decided to share some pretty big news with fans at the Met Gala — via a giant rock on her finger......»»

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