Aaron Sorkin Directing Poker Drama ‘Molly’s Game’ for Sony

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin will make his directorial debut on the poker drama “Molly’s Game” at Sony with Mark Gordon and Amy Pascal producing. Sorkin has been working on the script for the project, based on Molly Bloom’s memoir, since 2014.....»»

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Kristen Stewart Publishes Research Paper on Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Art

The 'Come Swim' writer-director explores the intersection of science, technology and visual art in her newest film......»»

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Blake Lively Gushes Over Ryan Reynolds in Adorable People"s Choice Awards Acceptance Speech: Watch!

Blake Lively made a special shout-out at the 2017 People's Choice Awards! On Wednesday evening, the award show took place in Los Angeles and all of Hollywood's hottest stars were........»»

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Desert Island Discs at 75: David Beckham is anniversary show castaway

David Beckham chooses his favourite eight songs for BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, as it celebrates turning 75......»»

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Finding home

The man whose Google Earth hunt inspired a Hollywood film says his life has changed once more......»»

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Pepper Spray Fired at Anti-Trump Rally in D.C. (LIVE STREAM)

Police and anti-Donald Trump protesters are clashing in a rally that began outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. The protest started at the hotel, and then marched through D.C. to the National Press Club several blocks.....»»

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Jets Legend Mark Gastineau Diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer"s, Parkinson"s

NY Jets legend Mark Gastineau says he's been diagnosed with dementia, alzheimer's and parkinson's ... and suggests it was caused by football. The 60-year-old appeared on 'Sports Zone' on WOR radio and revealed his health issues -- while also s.....»»

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Files for Divorce

Cuba Gooding Jr. apparently got tired of living in marital limbo, because he's responded to his wife's petition for separation with a full-on divorce petition. Cuba belatedly filed his response to Sara Gooding's 2014 separation docs. The.....»»

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Trump Supporters Ban Nazi Salute at DeploraBall (PHOTO)

Donald Trump's staunchest supporters -- who've been labeled "deplorables" by some -- won't be making salutes that stink of Nazism at their DeploraBall ... TMZ has learned. Mike Cernovich -- a member of ultra conservative group MAGA3X -- tells.....»»

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Kerry Washington Was ‘Terrified’ to Tell Anita Hill’s Story in HBO Film: ‘That Responsibility Was Not Lost on Me’

Kerry Washington is used to playing a powerful woman in Washington, D.C., but five seasons of “Scandal” could not prepare her for taking on a real-life figure with a monumental story. “I think I feel inspired,” Washington said Thu.....»»

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Art of Elysium Partners With SAG-AFTRA, AFI on Obama’s ‘Call to Arts’

Los Angeles-based charity Art of Elysium has partnered with SAG-AFTRA and the American Film Institute to help fulfill President Obama’s call for 1 million hours of mentorship, Variety has learned exclusively. Obama enlisted the performers union and .....»»

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Ryan Seacrest Accepts Digital Leadership Award at Variety CES Summit

Ryan Seacrest accepted Variety’s inaugural Digital Impact Leadership Award at the publication’s annual Entertainment Summit Thursday at CES. In Las Vegas to get the honor just as the final season of “American Idol” kicks off, Seacrest .....»»

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People’s Choice Awards: The Rest of ‘Em

   In which we receive no greater insight as to what the people are choosing than I had two days ago. Read More ........»»

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People’s Choice Awards: The Grey’s Anatomy Cast

   So, not only was Grey’s Anatomy nominated, but it WON. People are STILL choosing Grey’s Anatomy?!? WHICH PEOPLE? Read More ........»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Dakota Johnson (And Friends)

   Dakota didn’t walk the red carpet — several of the bigwigs didn’t, actually, like Sandra Bullock — and I have to say, I find that frustrating. It’s the People’s Choice Awards. It may not feel like a .....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug Carpet, Ming-Na Wen

  As ever, it is customary to open any post about Ming-Na to note that SHE IS AGELESS. She is 51. How does she look the same as she did on ER, and I look like a shriveled husk compared to 2004 me, a Jessica made of corn husks and sold to childre.....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Grease Live Cast

   Fox’s Grease Live is airing on Jan. 31 — the day after the SAG Awards, which are on a Saturday, which… I have thoughts — and these are several of your Rydell High students. (Aaron Tveit is Danny Zuko.) The cast t.....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fine: Lea Michele in Elie Saab

   Every so often we see a dress that looks, from afar, like a creature is reaching around and cupping the wearer’s boobs. I can honestly say I have never thought to myself, “Oh, yes, getting felt up is REALLY on-trend this wint.....»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Natalie Dormer

 She looks, to me, like she’s regretting doing this, here, on this wet night, mere days before the Golden Globes, when she could be home with a hair mask in, watching Vanderpump Rules: Also maybe that outfit. Read More ........»»

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People’s Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: Pretty Little Liars

   Pretty Little Liars is doing a time jump — people laughed when One Tree Hill did it, but honestly, I think more shows should; all the crap they made the Gossip Girl characters do would’ve made more sense if they were 23, not.....»»

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John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett together: ‘Singing songs and telling lies’

Put John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett together onstage with their guitars, songs and stories, and you’ve got an evening of rare entertainment.        .....»»

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People’s Choice Fugs or Fabs: Sandra Bullock (in Monique Lhuillier) and Melissa McCarthy

   I feel like, of all of Hollywood’s Lady Friend Duos, this might be the one I most want to grab a drink with. No offense to, say, J Law and Schumer, who I am sure are a collective hoot, but Sandy and Melissa are both a little older .....»»

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Inside Zoe Saldana"s First Family Vacation with the Twins

Zoe Saldana wrapped filming on “Nina” and took off on a week-long vacation in Mexico with husband Marco Perego and 13-month-old twins Cy and Bowie......»»

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"Dirty Jobs" Host Mike Rowe Has a Message for Bank Robber After Case of Mistaken Identity

“Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe a bank robber? Not even close, but a lot of people seemed to think so when his lookalike was caught on a surveillance camera in Medford, Oregon......»»

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From Her Lips! Janet Jackson Sets the Record Straight About Her Health

Singer Janet Jackson is setting the record straight, following speculation she is battling cancer......»»

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Alyssa Milano Dishes on Her 46-Pound Weight Loss, Breastfeeding in Public, and "Who"s the Boss?" Reboot!

“Extra" caught up with Alyssa Milano about her post baby “happy weight,” being a strong advocate for public breastfeeding, if she would be game for a "Who’s The Boss?" reunion and more!.....»»

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What will happen in TV in 2016

OFFSPRING won’t last, dating shows will dominate, on demand will be the new norm and Molly will sing — these are our predictions for TV in 2016......»»

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Blanchett a step closer to Oscar glory

AUSTRALIAN actress Cate Blanchett has led the charge at Britain’s BAFTA nominations, grabbing a spot on the shortlist for best actress......»»

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Stabbed while testing ‘knife-proof’ vest

A REPORTER testing a ‘stab-proof’ vest was knifed in the back during a shocking TV report and needed stitches after the stunt went wrong......»»

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Celebrities who regret their plastic surgery

THEY went under the knife in an attempt to feel more beautiful, but these stars were left with nothing but regret......»»

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Jess Marais’ rockin’ beach bod

JESSICA Marais has been enjoying her summer break on the beaches of Perth this week, soaking up the good weather with daughter Scout......»»

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Beyonce returns to Super Bowl show

SHE’S back. After a sizzling performance in 2013, Beyonce is returning to the Super Bowl to join Coldplay on stage for the halftime show......»»

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Zayn claims 1D boys won’t talk to him

ZAYN Malik says he had every intention of keeping in touch with his former One Direction band mates but claims they’re not interested in speaking to him......»»

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The faces of music to watch in 2016

THE class of 2016 is an eclectic bunch of artists who are bending genres of contemporary music or thrilling with superb songwriting. Here’s who to watch for......»»

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The real music to Aussie ears

THE music you can hear spilling out of those headphones or car stereo is probably Adele, in a year that was disappointing for Aussie singers......»»

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Planned Parenthood to benefit from "20th Century Women" ticket sales this weekend

This weekend, a trip to the movies could do some good for Planned Parenthood......»»

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"NCIS: Los Angeles" actor Miguel Ferrer dead at 61

Miguel Ferrer, a familiar face on the big and small screens, died Thursday following a battle with throat cancer, according to a statement from his current employer CBS. He was 61......»»

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TV networks prep for their inauguration job: broadcasting peaceful transfer of power

TV networks prep for their inauguration job: broadcasting peaceful transfer of power.....»»

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Naughty Boy "won"t rule out" releasing his George Michael collaboration

The DJ and producer says he "wouldn't rule out" releasing a song he started making with George Michael......»»

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Nick Cannon Shares Throwback Pics From When He Dated Kim Kardashian -- and Kanye West Makes an Appearance!

The 'America's Got Talent' host is taking a trip down memory lane......»»

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Works of Flemish master on display at Detroit art museum

DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Institute of Arts has announced it is displaying two works by 18th-century sculptor John Michael Rysbrack......»»

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Chrissy Teigen Details Shocking Racist Question From Paparazzo

'And people wonder why celebs lose it in pics,' the 31-year-old model tweeted after the incident......»»

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Sir Patrick Stewart: Poo emoji role for Shakespearean actor

From Captain Picard to poo - the surprising new role for Sir Patrick Stewart......»»

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People"s Choice Awards: Johnny Depp thanks fans who "stood by me"

Johnny Depp wins the movie icon prize at the People's Choice Awards - despite recent domestic troubles and film flops......»»

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Sir Paul McCartney sues Sony over Beatles songs

Sir Paul McCartney takes legal action against Sony over who controls The Beatles' back catalogue......»»

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Lambada singer Loalwa Braz found dead in Brazil

The body of Loalwa Braz, singer of 1980s hit Lambada, has been found in a burnt-out car in Brazil......»»

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Kanye West was not asked to play "traditional" Donald Trump inauguration

Kanye West won't appear at Donald Trump's "traditionally American" inauguration, the organiser says......»»

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Hull housing estate gets lit up for City of Culture

Coloured lights are installed in blocks of flats in Hull as part of an arts project......»»

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My Shop: Kristin Baybars" toy shop in London

Kristin Baybars has made and sold toys from her shop for 40 years - and modern toys don't impress her......»»

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Which 2016 TV advert got most complaints?

A series of TV adverts featuring dancing builders and businessmen wearing hot pants prompted the most complaints last year......»»

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Brit Awards 2017: Who will replace Michael Buble?

Who will host the Brit Awards after Michael Buble announced a career hiatus to care for his family?.....»»

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Miguel Ferrer, "NCIS: Los Angeles" Star, Dies at 61

The prolific actor and cousin of George Clooney lost his battle with cancer on Thursday......»»

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Sundance: Redford believes Trump presidency will "galvanize people"

The actor/filmmaker emphasized the importance of unity on the festival's opening day.        .....»»

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Character actor Miguel Ferrer, star of "NCIS: Los Angeles" dies at 61

George Clooney says his cousin will be missed 'so deeply' by his family.        .....»»

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Miguel Ferrer Of "NCIS: Los Angeles," "Twin Peaks" & More Dies At 61

Miguel Ferrer, who brought stern authority to his featured role on CBS' hit "NCIS: Los Angeles" and, before that, to NBC crime drama "Crossing Jordan," has died......»»

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Ivanka Trump through the years


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John Voight at Trump"s inauguration concert

Actor John Voight delivered the opening speech at the inauguration concert for Donald Trump......»»

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Louis Tomlinson talks about mum"s death

Louis Tomlinson speaks publicly for the first time about his mum's death from leukaemia in December.....»»

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ITV moves Xtra Factor from ITV2 to an online-only programme

The spin-off X Factor show has aired on ITV's sister channel since 2004, but is now moving online......»»

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Alanis Morissette"s manager admits stealing almost $5m from artist

Jonathan Schwartz admits stealing over $7m from the singer and other celebrities, prosecutors say......»»

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Trafalgar Square"s Fourth Plinth artwork shortlist announced

A scoop of ice cream covered in parasites and an empty robe are some of the new proposals for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square......»»

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Enjoying the ride

Some creative commuters are occupying their travelling hours with a productive pastime. Here is a look at some of their efforts......»»

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Make no mistake

Every day, Miqdaad Versi searches newspapers looking for errors concerning Muslims and Islam, looking to challenge them......»»

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My name is...

Glastonbury's spin-off festival will be The Variety Bazaar - but is it the strangest name in music?.....»»

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Who"s performing?

Donald Trump has put together a star-studded line-up for his official inauguration celebrations......»»

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Pakistan singer Atif Aslam stops show to rescue harassed girl

Outpouring of praise online for Pakistan singer Atif Aslam for pausing his show to help a harassed girl......»»

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"Does anyone know who this celeb is?" photo of Nick Cave goes viral

New Zealand comedian James Malcolm takes two photos of the Bad Seeds musician and asks Twitter who he actually is......»»

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Natalie Portman on playing Jackie Kennedy

The actress says her latest role is "a portrait of grief and incredible sorrow"......»»

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"Exquisite loveliness"

Ivy Close, Britain's first beauty queen, had a spectacular rise and fall. Now she's back in the limelight......»»

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"NCIS" and "Crossing Jordan" Star Miguel Ferrer Dies

Miguel Ferrer, who co-starred in dozens of huge TV shows, died Thursday of cancer. Miguel was best known for co-starring on "Crossing Jordan" for six years with Jill Hennessy and playing FBI agent Albert Rosenfield on "Twin Peaks." More recent.....»»

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Donald Trump"s Make America Great Again Welcome Concert Went Smoothly

The Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration concert just went down in front of Washington D.C.'s Lincoln Memorial, and it also went out with a bang ... literally. Country star Toby Keith, rockers 3 Doors Down, Sam Moore, DJ Ravidrums and&.....»»

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Directors Guild of America, Someone"s Bullying and Threatening Us Over Trump

Members of the Directors Guild of America who are working on TV coverage of the inauguration and related events tell TMZ they are being threatened by someone who has sent word out to everyone in the org ... you do anything Trump-related and yo.....»»

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Tim Brown "Concerned" About Vegas Temptations for Raiders Players (VIDEO)

Raiders legend Tim Brown says he's pumped for the team to move to Las Vegas ... but admits he's concerned about some of the players getting too caught up in the Sin City lifestyle. The Hall of Famer joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show.....»»

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Anti-Trump Rally led by Robert De Niro and Michael Moore in NYC (LIVE STREAM)

Robert De Niro and Michael Moore and tons of celebs will lead an anti-Trump rally at 6 PM ET in front of Trump Hotel in NYC ... and we're streaming live. The star-studded affair's a clear counter to the Make America Great Again Welcome&h.....»»

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Marshawn Lynch Ghostrides Monster Truck ... Smashes Puny Jeep (VIDEO)

Marshawn Lynch went BEAST MODE on a monster truck -- ghostriding the massive vehicle and then using it to CRUSH a Jeep. The ex-NFL star got all smashy-smashy with the guys from Discovery Channel's "Diesel Brothers" ... and he LOVED IT. They e.....»»

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Gunners reunite to play Coachella

IT’S the rock reunion that many — including the warring members of Guns N’ Roses — thought they’d never see. And it’s finally been confirmed......»»

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Band cops it for post on festival deaths

THE Presets have been slammed for comparing drug-related deaths at music festivals to those killed on roads......»»

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Kerry Washington Is Skipping the 2016 Golden Globes

The 2016 Golden Globes will be without one of its brightest stars. Kerry Washington revealed to E! News exclusively that she isn't planning to attend the 73rd annual awards show.........»»

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James Corden and Meghan Trainor Are "All About That Change" in the New Year

New Year's Resolutions: Some keep them, most don't. James Corden and Meghan Trainor teamed up Thursday to sing about their efforts to try and change in the New Year, parodying her........»»

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Beyoncé Is "Very Excited" to Perform at Super Bowl 50

It's official: Beyoncé is returning to the Super Bowl. Pepsi, the sponsor of the halftime show, confirmed Thursday that the 20-time Grammy Award winner will be taking the stage........»»

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2016 Golden Globes: Cate Blanchett, Alicia Vikander and More Crowd W Magazine"s Pre-Party

W magazine did it again. The fashion monthly hosted its annual star-studded Golden Globes pre-party at the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood. One of the first guests to........»»

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2016 BAFTAs Snubs: Daniel Craig, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hardy, Helen Mirren and More Actors Shut Out of Awards

Better luck next year. Nominations for the 68th Annual BAFTA Awards were announced Friday morning, with Bridge of Spies and Carol leading the pack with nine nods each. Many people who........»»

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Khloe Kardashian Blasts Kylie Jenner For Leaving Her and Her Sisters at the Club: ""That"s F--ked Up!""

Khloe Kardashian is calling out Kylie Jenner on this Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In this exclusive clip from the episode, Khloe, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian........»»

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Brie Larson"s Star Quality Continues to Soar From Her Closet--See the Room Actress" Best Looks

When Brie Larson's in the Room, all eyes are on her. While she's been perfecting her craft in Hollywood for over a decade already, the 26-year-old first time Golden Globe nominee........»»

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2016 BAFTA Nominees: Alicia Vikander Earns 2, "Carol" and "Bridge of Spies" Lead

Check out a complete list of nominees for the 2016 British Academy Film Awards......»»

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Chloe Grace Moretz Comments on "Little Mermaid" Hair Controversy: "It Could Be Blue for All I Know"

The actress clarified her comments to ET about her portrayal of the iconic character......»»

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Leonardo DiCaprio on "Voyeuristic" Bear Attack in "The Revenant": People Will Talk About That Moment for a W

DiCaprio opened up about his film's 'groundbreaking' scenes, including a chilling bear attack that will leave people stunned......»»

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Kevin Hart Says He and "Ride Along 2" Co-Star Ice Cube Are "Best Friends Forever"

They're starring in a sequel together, they grew beards together, and now they're talking about being besties!.....»»

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Kate Hudson and Jack Black Want to Host the Golden Globes: "It Seems Like a Fun Gig"

The 'Kung Fu Panda 3' co-stars opened up about wanting to host the star-studded awards show......»»

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Angelina Jolie Says Her and Brad Pitt"s Kids Don"t Want to Be Actors, But They Will Be in "Kung Fu Panda 3"

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's kids probably won't go into the family business, but they did get a chance to shine in Kung Fu Panda 3......»»

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Hasbro Will Add Rey to "Star Wars" Monopoly Following Backlash From "The Force Awakens" Fans

After many toy sets left Daisy Ridley out, fans were left wondering #WheresRey......»»

movies[Via: etonline]1 hr. 20 min. ago Related News

Caitlyn Jenner Campaigns for "Tangerine" and Transgender Actress Mya Taylor

The reality star lends her support to the indie film......»»

movies[Via: etonline]1 hr. 21 min. ago Related News

Dakota Johnson Doesn"t Regret Starring in "Fifty Shades of Grey" at All

The 26-year-old actress told Vogue U.K. that she's 'proud' of her work in 'Fifty Shades' because of the doors it's opened for her in her career......»»

movies[Via: etonline]1 hr. 22 min. ago Related News

Johnny Depp Thanks Wife Amber Heard for "Putting Up With" Him

Depp told ET 'it's not easy' for his wife to deal with the characters he plays -- especially when he goes to sleep in his 'Lone Ranger' make-up......»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Last Year"s Winners Return to Present at 2016 Golden Globes -- See Who"s on the List!

Stars who took home top acting awards at last year's Golden Globes are scheduled to present this year......»»

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"Inside Out" Without Any of the Inside Parts Is Still Sweet -- and Almost as Sad as "Up"!

An editor has removed Amy Poehler and her emotional buddies from the Pixar film......»»

movies[Via: etonline]1 hr. 25 min. ago Related News

Cold War fever as 1950s spies and romance lead Bafta picks

Steven Spielberg spy thriller "Bridge of Spies" and "Carol", a story of romance between two women, led the nominations on Friday for Britain's Bafta film awards, seen as a tip for later Oscar success. The two Cold War-era stories .....»»

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"Mein Kampf" published in Germany for 1st time since WWII

MUNICH (AP) — An annotated edition of "Mein Kampf," the first version of Adolf Hitler's notorious manifesto to be published in Germany since the end of World War II, went on sale Friday — a volume that many hope will help demystify the .....»»

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Hitler"s "Mein Kampf" reprints hit German bookstores

New copies of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" hit bookstores in Germany Friday for the first time since World War II, unsettling some Jewish community leaders, as the copyright of the anti-Semitic manifesto expires. Bavaria was handed the copyright o.....»»

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